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Accommodation & Transportation
In order to provide a comfort environment for international students to stdudy and live, the universities has tried its best to improve the accommodation service. Besides for the rugular services offered in Chinese universities, it has invested a large amount of money for the construction of the rooms. At present, it offers double rooms for foreign students, and the fee is 12-32RMB per person per day.
How to get ZUEL
If you start from Tianhe Airport, you can take the bus of the airport and it will bring you to Fujia Po bus station directly, it costs 30RMB; then you can transfer to a taxi to ZUEL (South Lake campus). Or you can take a taxi from the airport to the university, but it will cost you about 200RMB.
If you start from Wuchang Railway Station, you can take the bus No.538 and get off at the terminal; or you can choose to take a taxi, but this will cost youu 30RMB.
If you start from Hankou Railway Station, you can take the bus No.526 to Qingnian Road or Hangkong Road, then transfer to the bus No.590 and get off at its terminal. Or you can take a taxi directly; it will cost you about 60RMB.

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