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Accommodation & Transportation
Short-term programme: US$250 per person for four weeks (an additional US$50 will be charged for each additional week of study).
Semester programme: US$750
Academic year programme: US$1500
Registration Fee: US$50
Accommodation: Accommodations are available in the Guest House of Fuzhou University.
Apartment: US$8-10/night for a single room or US$10-15/night for a double room, with bathroom, TV, air-conditioner and balcony:
Ordinary room: US$5/night/person, with TV and public bathroom.
Board: Meals can be provided at the Guest House for about US$80 per person a month.
All tuition fees and the rent mentioned above for the students of the academic year programme and the fall and spring programmes are to be paid at the beginning of each semester. Short-term programme students are required to pay all fees in one installment.

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