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Welcome to Shanxi agricultural university(山西农业大学)

Shanxi Agricultural University comprises 14 colleges and departments, offering 36 specialties. They include the College of Agriculture, the College of Forestry, the College of Animal Science and Technology, the College of Resources and Environment, the College of Horticulture, the College of Engineering, the College of Economics and Trade , the College of Food Engineering, the College of Art and Science, the College of Adult Education and Vocational Teaching, the College of Modern Technology Education, the College of Public Management and the Department of Physical Education. et.al. There are 9 specialties entitled to confer Doctor’s degrees, 30 Master’s, 36 Bachelor’s programs. In addition, the University has 10 key specialties of Shanxi Province, 90 laboratories and 10 product bases. The library building, with a total floor space of 34,000 sq. meter, has a collection of over 1,450,000 volumes, and subscribes to over 15,000 kinds of periodicals. Shanxi Agricultural University has a teaching staff of 1,498, with 133 professors, 177 associate professors, 78 with doctorates. Its studen..View more

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Welcome to study at Shanxi agricultural university(山西农业大学)