Intermediate Course of Tai Chi Chuan in Beijing

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Introduction This intermediate course of Tai Chi Chuan will bring you to enjoy the essence of Tai Chi Chuan in a more accurate way through various practices.

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Designed for foreign learners with certain foundation of Tai Chi Chuan, intermediate course for Tai Chi Chuan will enable them to acquire the best available Tai Chi Chuan skills and techniques for health or combat efficiency.
Teaching Objectives
1. To gain a great balance naturally for every part of the body
2. To learn and practice some internal force training.
3 .To appreciate that Tai Chi Chuan can be used for self-defense.
Class Content
Based on the Chen style Tai Chi Chuan 24 form, the learners will be guided to practice forms with strength. In details:
1. The application of the forms related with foot, leg, knee, palm, hand and every part of the body with strength.
2. Energy flow and a heightened state of mind.
3. Tai Chi Chuan pushes hand
Teaching Mode
Class is available in small group, with 3-10 students in one group.
Class Time and Length
Class time: Professional classes in a short term carry out in cycles. There will be five days’ training per week, 2 hours a day.
Class length: 2 weeks
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee for elementary class is 500 RMB per student.
The accommodation and food would be charged additionally if foreign learners need such arrangement.