Advanced Training Class for Qigong in China

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Introduction Based on your basic understanding of Qigong, advanced training course of Qigong will lead you to practice Qigong to create spiritual balance and physical health in China.

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Qigong plays an important role in Chinese culture. In this advanced training class for Qigong, we will not only lead you to achieve the highest state in learning Qigong, but also help you to enjoy the culture behind it.
Teaching Objects
This advanced training class of Qigong is designed for those learners who have been familiar with Qigong principle and want to explore the feature of Qigong.
Class Content
This class contains the following type of Qigong, from which you will learn much more about Chinese culture. In details:
1. Taoist Qigong System
In Taoist Qigong system, it discusses both the longevity training and the higher spiritual purposes of the training; how to elevate from the level of Qi cultivation to light cultivation and to spirit cultivation. The students will learn fundamentals of Qi circulation, microcosmic circulation, macrocosmic circulation, etc.
2. Buddhist Qigong System
It consists mostly of traditional methods such as Nine Segment Buddhist Breathing, Precious Vessel Qigong, Achieving through Spiritual Flame, The Great Perfection-The Heart Essence, Armor Protection from Negative Energies, and The Nine Esoteric Seals.
Class Size
Qigong classes will be given in small group with 3-10 people in one group.
Course Time and Length
Class time: Course is available from Monday to Friday or weekend. Each course will last for 2 hours. You can choose to join morning class or afternoon class.
Morning class: 9:00.a.m—11:00.a.m
Afternoon class: 19:00.p.m —21:00.p.m
Class length: the whole course contains 20 hours for about 4 weeks.
Note: Students are asked to commit to regular training over these periods, avoiding missing class as best as they can.
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is 800 RMB per student. The accommodation and food would be charged additionally if foreign learners choose to live in the school.