Intermediate Training Course for Sword in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction Through a further study of Chinese sword, you will master the spirit of playing sword and combine your techniques with your mind perfectly.

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Sword training course in this period is focused on the consolidation of the former sword techniques you have learned and acceptance for some new techniques in Chinese sword.
Teaching Objects
We provide this intermediate training course of sword for foreign learners who have gained a solid foundation in sword practice and want to enhance their skills in controlling the sword.
Class Content
1. Practice of your strength and flexibility through exercise of your hands, eyes and body
2. More than 10 types of new form for studying
Class Size
Classes will be given in small group with 3-8 people in one group.
Course Time and Length
Class time: Course is available from Monday to Friday or weekend. Each course will last for 2 hours. You can choose to join morning class or afternoon class.
Morning class: 9:00.a.m—11:00.a.m
Afternoon class: 19:00.p.m —21:00.p.m
Class length: 12 classes for about 24 hours (one month)
There will be 3 classes in one week and class time is flexible.
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is 600 RMB per student. The accommodation and food would be charged additionally if foreign learners choose to live in the school.
Note: Students need to pay for the rent fee for the swords they will use in the class time, and the price is 150 per month.