Intermediate Training Class for Qigong in Suzhou

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Introduction This intermediate training course of Qigong will make your stay in Suzhou more comfortable through improvement of practicing Qigong.

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Based on your general idea of Qigong, this intermediate training class of Qigong in Suzhou will show you further the function of enhancing overall health of Qigong.
Teaching Objects
This intermediate training class of Qigong is suitable for those who have got a solid foundation of Qigong actions and want to reduce stress and prevent illness in a more accurate way.
Class Content
For health purpose, this class contains the following type of Qigong. In details:
1. Medical Qigong Class
In this category, we will introduce a variety of techniques such as relaxation methods, Qi Permeating Technique which works on absorbing the pure essence of the universe into the body and discharging all the impurities from the body. This allows you to maintain, heal, and rejuvenate the functions of the organs such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen, and heart.
2. Yi Jin Jing
It is coordinated with breathing. Better muscles and tendons mean better health and shape, more resistance, flexibility, endurance.
Class Size
Qigong classes will be given in small group with 3-10 people in one group.
Course Time and Length
Class time: Course is available from Monday to Friday or weekend. Each course will last for 2 hours. You can choose to join morning class or afternoon class.
Morning class: 9:00.a.m—11:00.a.m
Afternoon class: 19:00.p.m —21:00.p.m
Class length: the whole course contains 20 hours for about 4 weeks.
Note: Students are asked to commit to regular training over these periods, avoiding missing class as best as they can.
Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is 800 RMB per student. The accommodation and food would be charged additionally if foreign learners choose to live in the school.