Short-term Business Chinese Training Courses for Enterprises in China

Provider China Service Mall
Introduction This short-term business Chinese training course helps domestic or multinational enterprises to improve their staffs’ Chinese language abilities in an efficient way.

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The well designed language programs of this business Chinese training course will enable your staff to achieve their professional communication goals.
Class Objectives
The business Chinese training concentrates on improving the foreign staffs’ language abilities and being more familiar with business customs and communication skills in China thus helps the enterprises to improve the working efficiency and create good company culture.
Class Contents
1. Comprehensive training for learners’ Chinese abilities of speaking, reading, writing and listening
2. Business etiquette in China
3. Business negotiation in Chinese
4. Chinese culture
5. Dialogue performance in business Chinese
6. Class activities for practicing the knowledge that learned before
7. Final test
Class Size
There will be 4-8 students in one group and more groups if there are too many participants.
Class Time and Length
Class begins at every Monday with a length of 60 minutes. Morning classes and afternoon classes are available.
Class length: 2 weeks
Tuition Fee
Detailed information for the training fee would be fixed after we have made out the detailed study plan.