Human Resource Management Course in China

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Introduction This course will introduce the different aspects of human resources management in China’s changing environment for you to do well in the management issue of your company.

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Our HR management course not only helps participants to understand ways to manage the imagination, but it also looks at other major concerns of HR managers in China.
Class Objectives
This HR management course aims to analyze the changing role of the human resources department and identify ways in which the human resource function can add value to the business.
Class Contents
The course covers current thinking on key aspects of HRM and includes lectures, case studies and practical activities on the following topics:
1. Western and Chinese perspectives on the management of people, including effective management, leadership, communication and motivation;
2. HRM in China and the West, including recent history, job descriptions, recruitment, retention, training and development, reward management and performance management systems;
3. Strategic HRM, including the organization and its environment, models of effective organization, company culture and management of change.
Admission Requirements
This course is specially designed for senior managers and all middle to senior executives who are responsible for people development and management.
Class Time and Length
Class time: every Monday
Class length: 5 days