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Accommodation & Transportation
1. Overseas students can stay in the ShengYuan Hotel (foreign students’ accommodation center on campus): equipped with air-conditioner, color TV, telephone and bathroom, and also provides Internet access, room-cleaning service and 24-hours hot water supply. Accommodation fees are shown in the following table:
Rate (USD/Per day)
Double Room
air-conditioner, color TV, telephone and bathroom
Three Persons Room
air-conditioner, color TV, telephone and bathroom
Note: The group beyond 10 people including 10 will be given 20% discount.
2.Overseas students can also rent their own apartments. According to the current price, an apartment (60 square meters, double bedrooms and one guestroom) with kitchen, washing room, living necessities such as air-conditioner, color TV, telephone service and so on) would cost 1000RMB monthly in downtown area and about 300~700RMB in the suburb. As the University is in the center of Hefei city which is a middle-sized city, even if living in the suburb, it would not take 30 minutes to the campus by bicycle.
Medical Insurance
Overseas students whose study time exceeds 6 months should purchase a medical insurance in China before their registration in our University.

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