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The Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian(周口店猿人遗址)

category:Ancient ruins region:Beijing
Admission fee: CNY 30 per person

In 1921, a cave was discovered at Zhoukoudian.

Banpo Site (半坡遗址)

category:Ancient ruins region:Xian
Admission fee: CNY 35 (Mar. to Nov.), CNY25 (Dec. to Feb.)

As the first museum at the prehistoric site, it was built at the base of the excavations of the Banpo site.

Anyang Yin ruins (安阳遗址)

category:Ancient ruins region:Henan
Admission fee: CNY 51 per person

Yin Ruins is the first recorded and archaeologically-recognized relics as the capital city in Shang Dynasty.

Epang Palace Site(阿房宫遗址)

category:Ancient ruins region:Xian
Admission fee: CNY 58 per person

Epang Palace, built on a large scale and with a vigorous style, was the imperial palace of the first and second emperors of the Qin Dynasty