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Duration10 days
Departing cityKunming
AttractionsStone Forest,Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang Ancient Town,Huangguoshu Waterfall,
Departing date
Day 1

Place & Transport: Arrive in Kunming, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Airport to Hotel Transfer (Kunming), Guide delivers your CH cell phone with 7 days free rental

- Guide delivers your CH cell phone with 7 days free rental: A Free CH cell phone package includes 7 days rental cost for the cell phone and SIM card and at least 30 free minutes*, delivery and collection in China. Return the phone to your guide when you depart. A recharge at standard rate is available if the free minutes are used. Note: Our rental phones do not work in Hong Kong. You must return the phone to your guide before leaving for Hong Kong.
* Free minutes vary from 30-60 mins depending on the destination of the calls. Ask the travel advisor for details.

Day 2

Place & Transport: Kunming
Today's Activities: The Stone Forest, Bamboo Temple,
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Chinese Restaurant of Stone Forest Ashima Hotel

- The Stone Forest (2 hours): A fantastic natural phenomena located 90 km southeast of Kunming. The various shapes of karst landscape was formed due to the millions years movement of Earth. The Stone Forest area is the home of the Sani people, their folk customs has become one spectacular scene, the colorful embroidery and minority dances combine with the natural sceneries, which will surely leave you a deep impression.
- Bamboo Temple (1 hour): A Tang Dynasty temple known for its Arhat statues, is arguably the most famous of Kunming's temples.
- : sell the embroidery clothes, wall carpet and some ethnic style embroidery hand crafts
Tel: 0871-7671108
- Chinese Restaurant of Stone Forest Ashima Hotel : Situated by the entrance to Stone Forest landscaped area, the restaurant is famous for its roast duck.

Day 3

Place & Transport: Kunming to Lijiang Flight No. TBA
Today's Activities: Yuantong Temple, The Grand View Tower, Green Lake Park, Hotel to airport Transfer (Kunming), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Lijiang)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Yikeyin Old House Restauratn

- Yuantong Temple (1 hour): With a history of over 1,200 years, it is the largest temple in Kunming. In 1956, the grand ceremony of greeting and consecrating the Buddha's tooth was held in it. It was in the list among the key Buddhist temples in China issued by the State Council.
- The Grand View Tower (30 minutes): It is located at the terminus of Daguan Road and is 6 km from the city center, near Dianchi Lake and facing Taihua Mountain which is on the other side of Dianchi Lake. Completed in 1690 during the Qing Dynasty, the park consists of hills, ponds, pavilions and rockeries in a style similar to that of the gardens of the Yangtze River Delta.
- Green Lake Park (1 hour): Located just opposite the Yunnan University, it is one of the most picturesque parks in downtown Kunming. There are nine spring outlets at north of the lake, so it was also named "Nine Dragon Pond" in ancient times. Here you may take a leisure walk or enjoy the performance(playing Taiji, Majion and local operal ) by local people. In November and December every winter, huge flock of red-beaked gulls migrate here from Siberia, constructing a nice scene.
- Yikeyin Old House Restauratn: Located at the exit of Bird and Flower Market, Yikeyin Old House Restaurant serves the traditional Yunnan Cuisine. The main building of the restaurant was built in 1852. It is a very typical example of the "Yikeyin" courtyard.

Day 4

Place & Transport: Lijiang

Today's Activities: The Mural in Baisha Village, The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain(Yak Meadow)
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Baisha Shiguang Restaurant

- The Mural in Baisha Village (30 minutes): Baisha village is one of the Naxi Minority villages in Lijiang and is more special because of the collection of murals in the village. Painted over a thousand years ago, they combine the cultures of Han, Tibetan and Naxi people displaying the life stories of the Tibet Buddhism, Confucian and Taoism. The unique artistic style and precious historical content of the murals attract visitors from home and abroad.
- The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain(Yak Meadow) (3 hours): The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: It's a snow capped mountain with an altitude of 5596 meters above sea level. The mountain has 13 peaks of which the highest is 18000 feet above sea level. Its high mountain and meadow views setting off the snow and rivers, construct amazing picture. It is a large patch of pasture tucked away hidden amongst a virgin spruce forest on the eastern side of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.The chairlift car will take you up to a height of 3800 meters. Walk slowly until you get used to the altitude. A warm coat is advisable and eating snacks often help the body to adjust more quickly.
- Baisha Shiguang Restaurant: The restaurant is located in Baisha Village and provides mainly Naxi cuisine along with some Chinese dishes.

Day 5

Place & Transport: Lijiang

Today's Activities: The Black Dragon Pool, Shuhe Naxi Village
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at No.8 Lv Xue Zhai Restaurant

- The Black Dragon Pool (1.5 hours): The park holds the Black Dragon Pool and gets name because of it. The pool is listed in the Collections of Famous Pools of China because of its beauty.
- Shuhe Naxi Village (1.5 hours): Also known as Longquan Village, it is home to one of the ethnic groups, and is just like a village forgotten by time. Featuring a nice temple complex, this village is extremely peaceful. It is a well preserved important town on the ancient tea and horse route.
- No.8 Lv Xue Zhai Restaurant: The restaurant is decorated in courtyard style of Naxi region and mainly provides Naxi cuisine as well some Chinese dishes.

Day 6

Place & Transport: Lijiang to Kunming to Guiyang, Flight No. TBA, connect China Southern Airlines CZ3666 Dep 20:40 - Arr 21:30
Today's Activities: Lijiang Ancient Town, Hotel to airport Transfer (Lijiang), Airport Transfer (Kunming), Airport to Hotel Transfer (Guiyang)
Meals: Breakfast

- Lijiang Ancient Town (2 hours): It is situated in the middle area of the county, which is more than 2400 meters high above sea level. It enjoys beautiful scenes, an indeed famous city with long history and splendid culture, it is very rare in China that such well-preserved minority ancient city still exists. The old town is quite busy in the afternoon and evening with an active atmosphere of the lights and crowd. An early morning visit will be less crowded.

Day 7

Place & Transport: Guiyang

Today's Activities: Cultural Village in Tianlong, Huangguoshu Waterfall & Tianxing Qiao Scenic Area, Batik Museum
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Cultural Village in Tianlong (1 hour): Tunpu People settle in the middle of Guizhou Province. According to the historical literature and narrated materials, the ancestors of Tunbao People are the soldiers who were stationed in Guizhou Province about 600 years ago in the Ming Dynasty. Even now, Tunbao People still live in forts and keep a simple and peculiar army style. Stone foundations, stone walls, flagstone roofs, watchtowers, wall crenels and even dogholes upstairs characterize their buildings. They (especially women) dress in the ancient Ming and Qing style, speak with the accent of their native regions on the south of Yangtze River and eat food of army flavor. Dixi, which they perform at festivals and celebrations, is the continuation of the ancient "Martial Nuoxi" and renowned as "the living fossil of the ancient shows".
- Huangguoshu Waterfall & Tianxing Qiao Scenic Area (3 hours): Located 43 km southwest of Anshun of Guizhou Province, the Huangguoshu Waterfalls are one of the largest waterfall groups in China. They have been found out that the falls in this area consist of 18 falls on the ground and 4 underground falls. Among them Huangguoshu Waterfalls, which is the largest one in the groups and in Asia as well, is 68 meters high and 8l meters wide with a flow of more than 700 cubic meters of water per second, huge amounts of water seem like pouring from the sky. Turbulent waters throw into a pool at the bottom of a valley, sending foams up by 100 meters. And roars can be heard kilometers away. When the sun rises rainbows appear, adding a touch of beauty to the majesty of the cataract.

Tianxing Qiao Scenic Area:Featuring the perfect combination of stones, trees and water, the Tianxing Bridge Scenic Zone is a natural miniascape evolving from the growing stone forests in water. Compared with the grandness of the Huangguoshu Waterfalls, it is more bijou and beautiful. A couplet generalizing its verve goes like that: “It is compared to a gigantic miniature garden created by wind knife and water sword; also an ancient painting painted by root pen and vine ink.”
- Batik Museum : The Batik Museum is near the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun. You can see the process of making batik.

Day 8

Place & Transport: Guiyang to KaiLi
Today's Activities: Shiqiao Miao village, Our guide and driver will escort you from Guiyang to KaiLi, Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum, Qingman Miao Village
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Lunch, Chinese Dinner

- Shiqiao Miao village (1 hour): Visit Shiqiao Miao village to see its traditional way of making paper from the bark of mulberry tree. This method of making paper has a history of more than one thousand years, local people still keep it and extend to make color paper using different plants.
- Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum (1 hour): In the museum there has a quite detailed introduction to human culture, geography, and the national minorities'customs of the southeastern areas of Guizhou Province. Some writing, pictures, and material objects are displayed here. Minority Customs hall and Dragon Boat hall are the main exhibits which are worth watching.
- Qingman Miao Village (40 minutes): Located 23 kilometers southwest away from Kaili city. One of the biggest characteristics here is that a guest who visits a household at will may have witnessed the entire process of traditional Miao clothes-making. The main traditional clothing material is the homemade cloth span, woven, and dyed all by the Miaos. The widespread local song "Cotton Song" states the entire process of looking for the cotton seed, seed selection, land reclamation, sowing, harvesting cotton, getting rid of seed, bowing cotton, spinning, reeling thread, dyeing, and sewing. In each household you can see dye vats used for dying cotton material. This kind of dye vat is made of the cedar plank, approximately 2 and half feet high, one meter in diameter. The dye vat must be raised because it takes about one month to finish dying a bolt of cloth by indigo dying water and this process is called "aising vat".
- Kuai Huo Lin Restaurant: Kuai Huo Lin Restaurant is located in the center of Kaili city. Sour soup fish with less bone in hotpot is a Miao traditional dish served the Restaurant. It provides the chance to drink the rice wine and taste sticky rice.

Day 9

Place & Transport: KaiLi to Xijiang to KaiLi
Today's Activities: Jidao Miao Village, Embroidery Museum , Our guide and driver will escort you from KaiLi to Xijiang, Xijiang Miao Village, Our guide and driver will escort you from Xijiang to KaiLi
Meals: Breakfast, Chinese Dinner, Chinese Lunch

- Jidao Miao Village (1 hour): Located in China's poor southwestern province of Guizhou, Jidao Miao village is set in idyllic surroundings and populated by ethnic Miao people. Village life is simple and children play as their parents tend fields of lush, organically grown vegetables surrounded by towering pine forests. Elderly women stoke fires in traditional wooden houses, some hundreds of years old. It is so poor, mountainous and remote that the tranquility here is not yet broken by a flood of rich Chinese tourists and foreign visitors.
- Embroidery Museum : Embroidery Museum is near Jidao and Langde Miao people's village. It has displays of the ethnic costumes from the people of Guizhou. They also show they methods of making the different embroideries.
- Xijiang Miao Village (2 hours): Xijiang Miao Village, also called the "homeland of Lusheng", is the largest Miao villages in Guizhou.
Geographic location: 36 km northeast of the county town of Leishan.

Day 10

Place & Transport: KaiLi to Guiyang to Departure City, Flight not included
Today's Activities: Our guide and driver will escort you from KaiLi to Guiyang, Airport Transfer (Guiyang)
Meals: Breakfast

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