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Yunus Emre Karasakal (Turkey)
Major: Chinese language
The location of BCBUU has been really advantageous for me because all the stores and services are in walking distance. The bus is great too because the bus conductors kindly aid me in finding my destination.

At BCBUU, you have a range of programs to choose from that include:
Four-year bachelor degree programs
3+1 or 2+2 articulating programs between BCBUU and cooperative universities in UK or Canada
Chinese language training programs
The illustration of the whole procedure
Completion of High School

just want to learn Chinese                      want to earn bachelor degree

Chinese language training program        
without HSK                             with HSK 3
degree program in International Business                  degree program in different majors
and International Economy & Trade                                    lectures are given in Chinese
lectures are given in English
Join 3+1 or 2+2 program
If No                             if Yes
graduate with degree from BUU              graduate with degrees
with premise of obtaining HSK 6                  from both Beijing Union University
before graduation                                                   and British or Canadian universities
                                                                              with premise of obtaining HSK 6
                                              before graduation
                                              or just with degree from British or Canadian
                                              universities on the condition of not having
                                              obtained HSK 6 before graduation.

Working experience
Returning home
Kamenskykh Tayisiya (Ukraine)
Major: Chinese language 
As a language student at BCBUU, I have appreciated the quality instruction, individual attention from teachers, and the friendship with my classmates from other countries. Now I am getting more familiar with China, Chinese culture and this gorgeous city – Beijing.
Pano EvanthiaAlbania
Major: Chinese language
I have received incredible help throughout the application, registration, and orientation processes, helping me have a smooth transition to a college student in Beijing.

Bridge to Bachelor Degree
You have heard that university graduates get jobs and you need a university degree to succeed. Bachelor degree from Beijing Union University instead of from the Business College will be awarded upon completion of 4-year study at BCBUU. Four-year bachelor degree programs in business and economics combine practical training with the theoretical knowledge you need to enter the workforce. It will provide you with the tools you need to begin the next stage of your life.
Major areas
You can choose from a wide range of courses within the major areas listed below. International business
Convention and exhibition management
Financial management
International marketing
International economy and trade
Information management and information system
For international students without learning Chinese language beforehand
At BCBUU, you can join majors of international business and international economy & trade in which the lectures are delivered in English, no HSK is required for entry into these two programs and in the meantime several Chinese language lessons are offered for free.
Most universities in China require at least HSK (a kind of proof of your Chinese language proficiency) level 4 upon admission. However, BCBUU is one of few universities that can offer specialty lectures delivered in English. In that case students who are eager to study specialties and obtain bachelor’s degree have to spend at least 1 year to get HSK first. The specialty study program delivered in English at BCBUU helps you to shorten your degree-pursuing duration.
Abzal Balzhigitov (Kazakhstan)
Major: International Economy & Trade
Although I have been in Beijing for quite a few years, I still couldn’t master Chinese language very well, and I felt disappointed that I had no access to specialty study since almost every university in Beijing requires HSK. To my great joy, I found BCBUU offered specialty of economics delivered in English, and now I am a sophomore, and I feel really happy and luck to study here, it’s great to study with local Chinese students.

Long-term Chinese language training programs
Multiple levels and intakes to meet you needs
Courses cover Speaking Skill, Chinese characters, Listening, Reading, Writing, Audio & Video Comprehension, Chinese Newspaper Reading, Chinese culture and HSK foundation, and so on.
Getting individual attention in small class
Around 20 class hours every week
Gaining confidence in giving presentations in Chinese
Participating in a variety of recreational and cultural activities
Practicing Chinese with local students as conversation partners
Short-term Study Tours:
These are short-term programs that support you in developing Chinese communication skills while learning about Chinese culture. Courses cover Spoken Chinese, Introduction of Chinese Culture, Chinese Characters, and so on.
You are offered classroom study and a variety of recreational and cultural activities like watching Chinese films and operas, exercising Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Calligraphy, Making Chinese-knots and dumplings (Jiaozi), etc.

Application Procedure
l        The following materials and registration fee RMB 400 Yuan must be received at the Office for International Cooperation & Exchanges of BCBUU at least 2 months before admission.  
Application Form                                
Copy of Passport
Copy of Certificate of Highest Education
     Mail them to  
                                            Business College of Beijing Union University  
Office for International Cooperation & Exchanges  
               A3, Yan Jing Dong Li, Chaoyang District  
                Beijing 100025, P.R.China                       
     Or scan and mail them to swwsb@bcbuu.edu.cn  
l        An Admission Notice and JW202 Form will be sent to successful applicants.
l        The applicants must go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in home country with the Admission Notice and JW202 Form to receive a student entry visa (X visa).  
Upon Admission
l        Students must register at the Office for International Cooperation & Exchanges on time in accordance with the detailed requirements in the Admission Notice.
l        Pay registration fee, tuition fee and accommodation fee
l        The Physical Exam Record (an original copy) and laboratory exam certificates done in home country should be sent to Beijing Quarantine Bureau for check.
l        Our office help you extend your X visa  

1.        Application: RMB 400 Yuan   
2.        Tuition:   
   n      Language Students
                 RMB 800 Yuan / week (<4 weeks)
                 RMB 3200 Yuan (4 weeks), RMB 480 (per extra week if over 4 weeks)
                 RMB 8000 Yuan / term, RMB 16,000 Yuan/ year
   n     Bachelor’s Degree Courses:
                  RMB 21,500 Yuan / year
3.        Accommodation: RMB 48 Yuan / day / person  

Welcome to study at Business College of Beijing Union University(北京联合大学商务学院)