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Beijing Forestry University (BFU) is a top institution for higher education specialized in forestry and ecological environment, and is under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education of China. BFU was founded in 1952, but its history can be traced to the Metropolitan University founded in 1902. BFU has developed itself from a forestry college into a multi-disciplinary national key university, with forestry, biology and forestry engineering as its leading disciplines, and with an extensive coverage of courses in sciences, engineering, management, economics, liberal arts, law, and philosophy. Its personnel training system includes undergraduate, graduate, doctoral education, but also further education and international student education. By the year 2010, there have been 1,900 international students enrolled in this university, from such countries as Korea, Japan, United States, British, Russia, Mali, Cape Verde, Guinea, Madagascar, Togo, Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, Italy, Finland, France, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, etc.

Besides undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education, its personnel training system also includes further education and international student education. The university currently provides 52 undergraduate subjects, and it enjoys 13 undergraduate schools, 73 graduate disciplines and 35 doctoral disciplines. BFU has 589 full/associate professors, of whom 195 are supervisors of Ph.D. programs and 4 are academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). The advantage specialties of BFU, such as landscape architecture, biological science, forestry silviculture, soil and water conservation, are in the leading position in China.

Welcome to study at Beijing Forestry University(北京林业大学)