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College of Chinese Language &Culture汉语文化学院
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1 Chinese Language (Bachelor) For foreign students, the Chinese ...  Apply
2 Chinese Language and Literature (Bachelor) Length of study: The standard length ...  Apply
3 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Master) The main searching field of ...  Apply
4 Ancient Chinese Literature (Master) The length of study: The standard ...  Apply
5 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Doctor) The main searching field of ...  Apply
6 Ancient Chinese Literature (Doctor) The length of study: The standard ...  Apply
The Chinese Language & Culture College is founded on the basis of the Chinese Teaching Center (1965—1996) and the College for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (1996—2000). The college has nearly 40 years of experience teaching Chinese as a second language.
As Beijing Normal University's important gateway to the world, the college shoulders the responsibility of teaching foreign students (including undergraduate students, long-term students and short-term students) coming to China to study Chinese language and culture. The college also fosters the native and foreign post-graduate students majoring in linguistics and applied linguistics and/or Chinese language and character study.
There are 58 teachers and administrative personnel in the college, including 6 professors, 25 associate professors and 27 lecturers. 95% of the teaching staff has attained the Qualification Certificate for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and the Common Spoken Chinese Grade A Certificate. The teachers in the college also have abundant teaching experience, and many have taught abroad as well. The college has well-equipped teaching facilities, including Internet teaching laboratories, listening laboratories, audio-visual classrooms, resource libraries, etc.
The College plays an important part in promoting Chinese language throughout the world. It has established two Confucius Institutes with San Francisco State University (USA) and Manchester University (UK) respectively. It is also responsible for developing Chinese teaching materials for American AP courses. Besides, the College offers MA program in International Chinese Education for home students.

The College has formed close academic relationship with a number of overseas universities such as Princeton University, Dartmouth College, University of California, Kanazawa University, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Meikai University, Kanagawa University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University etc.
The courses can be divided into following 3 types: courses on language skills, linguistics, and Chinese literature and culture. Some of the courses are compulsory and some are optional. The college also offers business Chinese and executive Chinese for diplomats and businessmen working in China.

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