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Accommodation & Transportation
BNU has five international student dormitories. The daily cost per bed varies; there are beds for RMB 40 yuan, RMB 60 yuan, RMB 65 yuan, RMB 75 yuan, RMB 85 yuan, and RMB 95 yuan per day. Students may choose to live in double rooms or single rooms. After receiving the Admission Notice, students may choose their desired accommodations on the Internet at the website.
Accommodations offer hot water at least eighteen hours a day, and pay washers and dryers are available in each international student apartment building. Equipped public kitchens or canteens are available in some buildings. Computer labs, gymnasiums and cafeterias are also available in some buildings.
If students choose to live with their relatives in China or to rent a residence off campus, they must inform the Office of International Scholars' and Students’ Affairs beforehand, and they must register at the local police station within 24 hours after miving in.
How to get to BNU
1. The school provides free pick-up service. You can apply for an airport free pick-up with your admission number  (on the admission notice) and your birth day. The free pick-up will only be provided during February 10th, 11th and 12th, from 8:00 to 20:00 on each day.
2. Arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport, take Bus NO. 359 (Beijing Capital International Airport- DongZhiMen Wai Street) to Sanyuanqiao, transfer to Tongyun 104 (Guangshun South Street Beikou-Jinzhuang Villege), finally get to Beijing Normal University.

Welcome to study at Beijing Normal University(北京师范大学)