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Welcome to Beijing Radio and Televison University(北京广播电视大学)

Brief Introduction to BJOU     Beijing Open University (BJOU) is an open university dedicated to distance education by using radio, television, computer network, textbook and audio-video textbooks. It is an important component of CCRTVU system with branches spreading around Beijing, constitute a long-distance system of holistic planning, independent running and management of branches. We have 53 branches in different districts and rural areas, among which 20 are branches and 33 are work stations and learning centers. BJOU has one direct affiliation, the College of Open Education.     The mission of BJOU is to provide different forms of open education service. It promotes educational opportunity and social justice by offering high-quality university education to all who wish to realize their ambitions and fulfill their potential. BJOU promotes community education, rural education, vocational training, non-degree education, to satisfy people’ learning needs, to renovate knowledge and facilitate new skill training. It makes full use of educational resources, buil..View more

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Welcome to study at Beijing Radio and Televison University(北京广播电视大学)