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Welcome to Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(北京邮电大学)

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) is a research-oriented university with information technology and telecommunications as its main feature. Founded in 1955, BUPT was originally named Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications. It is the first institute of higher learning for teaching and research in the fields of posts and telecommunications. In 1993, it was authorized to rename as its present name BUPT.


The university offers a wide range of subjects including engineering, management, humanities and sciences, and most of its subjects and disciplines are related to applied science and engineering. BUPT enjoys a nationwide reputation for innovation and excellence in advanced research and learning in information and communication technology. It serves as one of the most important teaching and research bases for information technology and telecommunication industry in China.


BUPT is one of the 73 Key National Universities under the leadership of the Ministry of Education. Directly administered by the Ministry of Education, BUPT is one ..View more

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Welcome to study at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunica..(北京邮电大学)