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Welcome to Bohai University(渤海大学)

Bohai University (BU) is a comprehensive university at Liaoning provincial level. It is located in Jinzhou, a beautiful seaside city in China. To the south of BU is the Nu’erhe River (Daughter River), across which you can see the magnificent Nanshan Mountain (South Mountain). The artificial lake and hill within BU campus are surrounded by beautiful buildings of European style.
BU was established in February, 1950. For more than half a century, 100,000 plus students have graduated from BU and have made important contributions to socialist modernization in such fields as education, scientific technology, trade and management. Some graduates are so outstanding that they have become famous experts, entrepreneurs, senior managers, both at home and abroad.
BU covers 1,032,926 square meters of land area and more than 420,000 square meters of building area.
BU owns RMB 1,000,000,000 (Shi Yi) yuan of fixed asset and 1,320,000 volumes of books. There are 15 colleges such as College of Chemistry and Chemical Industry, College of Information Science and Engineering, College of News and Communications..View more

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Tourism Management 旅游管理 Bachelor's Degree RMB13000/Y Details
Enterprise Management 企业管理 Master's Degree RMB16000/Y Details

Welcome to study at Bohai University(渤海大学)