Founded in 1989, Hangzhou OTC Travel Int’l Ltd. is a member of Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA) and one of the first 67 organizing tour agencies approved by National Tourism Administration dealing in China citizens’ outbound tourism. Since its foundation in 1993, OTC has been honored with “Top 100 China’s International Travel Agencies” over the years, and won “Top 10 Zhengjiang International Travel Agencies” and “The Best Travel Agency in Hangzhou”.
Taking tourism as its main business, OTC consists of Manager’s Office, Marketing Department, Human Resource Training Department, Financial Department and so on. Following the business principle of “reputation is the first, quality is the priority”, OTC’s business mainly includes the following three aspects.
Inbound tourism---OTC receives tourists from the world as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to come to China for travel, family visit and business trip. OTC possesses a team of professional sales personnel and tour guide interpreters mastering more than ten languages. Its business departments mainly include Japan center, Japan tourism development, USA department, Eurasia department and Thai department. In order to enlarge market share, OTC send groups of sales personnel abroad for exhibitions and promotion.
Outbound tourism---Since the year 1994, OTC has carried out its business of China citizens’ outbound tourism and provided exit formalities service. It has a China Citizens’ Tourism Center in its home office, while it has branches in any other regions in the province and main cities in China, which has formed a marketing network of outbound tourism. OTC possesses a group of professional team leaders who guarantee to provide quality travel service.
Domestic tourism---OTC has a domestic tourism center, a business travel department and a comprehensive business department. At present, it is able to offer dozens of travel routes in the province to meet the customers’ needs of different lever. 
Passenger Service Center is a fixed unit catering to overseas tourists. It possesses more than 40 high grade travel vehicle for transporting service. Now OTC has agent business with dozens of airline companies in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions.  
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