1-Day Tour to Bamboo Village-AnjiBook now!

1-Day Tour to Bamboo Village-Anji

ANJI County in northwestern Zhejiang Province is synonymous with bamboo, containing as it does 60,000 hectares of bamboo groves. It has been designated a pilot county for ecological construction. Within its boundaries are mountains and gullies, lush with forests and vegetation. The air is fresh and the river water is crystal clear.


1-Day Tour to WuzhenBook now!

1-Day Tour to Wuzhen

Located in the north of Zhejing province, Wuzhen Town is embraced by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with rivers and canals crisscrossing the while town. For hundreds of years, its residents have been building houses along the rivers. The ancient docks,


3-Day Tour to HangzhouBook now!

3-Day Tour to Hangzhou

Want to have a walk along the bank of the West Lake? This tour will offer you a chance to visit Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in China as you like. You will find a different Hangzhou here!


9-Day Tour to Hangzhou/Xi'an/Beijing/ShanghaiBook now!

9-Day Tour to Hangzhou/Xi'an/Beijing/Shanghai

As we all known, there are a large number of Chinese cities owning a long history. If you want to know more about Chinese culture, or you also want to experience the change of Chinese famous cities, this tour will be your right choice!


8-Day Tour to Hangzhou/Xi'an/BeijingBook now!

8-Day Tour to Hangzhou/Xi'an/Beijing

For foreign friends who are interested in Chinese ancient culture, this tour can be a good choice, for it will lead the travelers to feel the atmosphere of Chinese culture in China’s famous ancient cities such as Beijing and Xi’an.

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