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Accommodation & Transportation
?   Tuition
Bachelor’s program
RMB 25,000/per academic year (about $3,660*)
Master’s program
RMB 30,000 /per academic year (about $4,400)
Doctor’s program
RMB 35,000 /per academic year (about $5,130)
Visiting program
Depending on study time and specialty
?   Accommodation
RMB 4,800 / per year (about $710)
?   Insurance
RMB 600 / per year (about $90)
?   Application fee
RMB 450  first year only (about $70)
?   Bedding
RMB 450  first year only (about $70)
?   Damage Deposit
RMB 500  first year only (about $75)
*Exchange rate: 1 USD=6.8273 RMB Jan. 20, 2010)
Note: 1. Fees should be paid in Chinese currency. Those who pay in USD draft must make up the balances according to the exchange rate at the time they pay. USD cash will not be accepted.
2. In the 6th academic year, the students of Clinical Medicine (MBBS) who choose to do their internship in their home country or other countries, other than in CQMU, only need to pay 20% of the tuition fee of that year.
3. Students must live on campus in their first year. Two students share one room with toilet, shower and necessary furniture and electrical appliances.
4. Bedding should be paid at Overseas Students Office of CQMU after the students arrived.
5. The damage deposit will be refunded as the case may be upon graduation.
The guest house of Chongqing Medical University will provide each international student with a clean, quiet and comfortable living environment during their stay here. In addition to the attached bathroom, they can find inside the room a desk, chairs, a TV set, telephone, and the necessary beddings including bed sheet, blanket, pillow and cotton padding, etc.
The accommodation fee may be cost RMB4800/year.
How to get to the university
From Jiangbei Airport in Chongqing
Take an airline bus within RMB15 and get off at Shangqing Temple and then take bus No.852 to the university.
From Chongqing North Railway Station
Take an airline bus to Chongqing Railway Station and then take bus No.419 to the university.
From South Railway Station in Chongqing
Take an airline bus to Chongqing South Railway Station and then take bus No.207, 232, 325, 365 to the university.

Welcome to study at Chongqing Medical University(重庆医科大学)