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Accommodation & Transportation
Tuition Fee
1. Chinese Language Student:  $1210 per half academic year,$2304 per academic year
2. Department -admitted Advanced Student: $2668 per academic year
3. Undergraduate: $3383 per academic year
4. Candidate for Master’s degree: $3879 per academic year
5. Candidate for Doctorate degree: $4345 per academic year
6. Short Term Study: $175 per person for the first week; then $58 per person for every week after that.
Foreign Students’ Apartment
1. Standard double bedroom: having toilet, shower, television and 201 telephone and air-condition.
Shared by two students: From May 1 to September 30: US$5.5-6.5 per person per day.
From October 1 to April 30 next year: US$5-6 per person per day.
Washing machine is provided for free at each floor.
Foreign students can dine at student dining hall.
2. Extracurricular activities: sport ground, tennis courts, table tennis room and gymnasium are available for foreign students. The Foreign Affairs Department organizes many activities for foreign students each year, such as visiting the Great Wall and other places of interest. Parties are held for foreign students on each New Year’s Day. In addition, CUC students’ sports meetings, art festivals, and football matches are open to foreign students.

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