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China University of Petroleum
China University of Petroleum, Beijing Campus (CUP), is located in a scenic region of tourist interest in Changping County, Beijing, about 5 miles to the Ming Tombs and 15 miles to the Great Wall. CUPB offers not only engineering programs in oil and gas science including chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, geoscience and mechanical and electronic engineering, but also, in computer science, business management and Chinese language study programs of a full range from diploma, bachelor's and master's to doctoral programs.
Basic Requirements
Age Limit
B.Sc./ B.Eng.
Completed 12-year education equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate, Above avarage in academic performance in high schools; HSK requirment: Grade 4;  18 years old by the date of registration; in good health;   academic performance is above average and courses are 80% or above; with basic English language ability
M. Sc./ M.Eng.
Received the First degree from an authorized university or college with B. If possible, applicants are encouraged to take the annual national entry exam for masters. HSK requirement: Grade 4
Received a master degree in the relative subject from an authorized university or college. B is required for the record. One year Chinese language study is required.
Visiting Student
Complited 2 years of undergraduate studies and wants to continue studying the original subjects
Senior Visiting Student
Had the equivalent of Chinese Master's degree and plans to pursue advanced study on some subjects under the direction of Chinese tutors
1 yr
Materials Needed
For Undergraduate Programs
1.       Application Form
2.       Two references
3.       One scanned copy of Degree Certificate
4.       One scanned copy of academic transcripts
For Graduate Programs
1.       Application Form
2.       Two References      
3.       One scanned copy of Degree Certificate
4.       One scanned copy of academic transcripts
For Chinese Language Programs
1.       Application Form
2.       Sponsor's guarantee letter
At the time registration, all original certificates and transcripts are required to present
Tuition and other fees
Bachelor degree candidates     ¥24000 RMB/year
Master degree candidates       ¥28000 RMB/year
Doctor degree candidates       ¥32000 RMB/year
Application Fees              ¥400 RMB/person
Master Programs
1.      Mineral Reconnaissance and Exploration
2.      Earth Probe and Information Technology
3.      Geological Engineering
4.      Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposit Geology
5.      Geochemistry
6.      Structural Geology
7.      Environmental Science
8.      Map Cartography and Earth Information Engineering
9.      Paleontology and Stratigraphy
10.  Marine Geology
11.  Solid Earth Geophysics
12.  Testing and Measuring Technology and Instrumentation
13.  Oil and Gas Drilling E ngineering
14.  Oil and Gas Development Engineering
15.  Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
16.  Fluid Mechanics
17.  Geotechnical Engineering
18.  Structural Engineering
19.  Design and Manufacture of Ships and Marine Structures
20.  Heating, Gassing, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
21.  Chemical Processing
22.  Chemical Engineering
23.  Industrial Catalysis
24.  Applied Chemistry
25.  Biochemical Engineering
26.  Environmental Engineering
27.  Organic Chemistry
28.  Inorganic Chemistry
29.  Analytical Chemistry
30.  Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics
31.  Physical Chemistry
32.  Chemical Processing Machinery
33.  Mechanical Design and Theory
34.  Engineering Mechanics
35.  Material Science
36.  Control Science and Engineering
37.  Thermal Energy Engineering
38.  Mechanical Electronic Engineering
39.  Safety Technique and Engineering
40.  Material Process Engineering
41.  Signal and Information Process
42.  Management Science & Engineering
43.  Enterprise Management
44.  Technical Economics & Management
45.  Accounting
46.  Industrial Economics
47.  Finance
48.  Economic Law
49.  Computer Application
50.  Computer Software & Theory
51.  Computer System Architecture
52.  English Language and Literature
53.  Mathematics
54.  Physics
55.  Radio Physics
56.  Theoretical Physics
57.  Applied Mathematics
58.  Calculating Mathematic
59.  Marxism Theory & Politics Education
60.  Marxist Philosophy
61.  Marxism Theory
62.  Ancient Chinese Literature
63.  Higher Education
64.  Executive Management.
65.  Physical Education and Training
Ph.D Programs
1.      Reconnaissance and Exploration of Mineral Resource
2.      Earth Probing and Information Technology
3.      Geological Engineering
4.      Mineralogy, Petrology and Economic Geology
5.      Earth Chemistry
6.      Structural Geology
7.      Paleontology and Stratigraphy
8.      Tectonics and Geology of the Fourth Epoch
9.      Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering
10.  Oil and Gas Development Engineering
11.  Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
12.  Petroleum Engineering Management
13.  Chemical Processing Machinery
14.  Chemical Processing
15.  Chemical Engineering
16.  Industrial Catalysis
17.  Applied Chemistry
18.  Biological Chemistry
19.  Chemical Equipment and Process Control
20.  Environmental Chemical Engineering
21.  Chemical Materials
22.  Mechanical Design and Theory
23.  Engineering Mechanics
24.  Material Science
25.  Control Theory and Control Engineering
26.  Thermal Energy Engineering
27.  Mechanical Electronic Engineering
28.  Security Technology and Engineerin
29.  Petroleum Engineering Management
30.  Computer Technology and Resource Information Engineering
31.  Research of Marxism Philosophy
Bachelor Programs
1. Geological Engineering
2. Environmental Science
3. Reconnaissance Technology and Engineering
4. Petroleum Engineering
5. Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
6. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
7. Chemical Engineering and Processing
8. Process Equipment and Control Engineering
9. Applied Chemistry
10. Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation
11. Automatics
12. Material Science and Engineering
13. Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
14. Safety Engineering
15. International Economics and Trade
16. Marketing
17. Accounting
18. Financial Management
19. Information Management and System
20. Computer Science and Technology
21. English Language
22. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
23. Civil Engineering
24. Electronic Information Engineering
25. Business Administration

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