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1. Why CQUPT
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (CQUPT) is a teaching and research institution for higher education with excellence in the area of information technology and primary emphasis in engineering, science and business. The university is also committed to providing professional education in liberal arts, social science, medical science and other areas of its demonstrated competence. CQUPT is the cradle of digital communication in China, and the inventor of the first TD-SCDMA 3G mobile phone.
CQUPT prides itself on a faculty rich in teaching experience and high in academic research level. The faculty and staff members are over 1500, among whom over130 are professors and over 330 are associate professors. Currently there are about 20,000 students, among whom over 1800 are postgraduates. It has 13 colleges covering 35 undergraduate programs and.20 master programs.
CQUPT is located in Nanshan tourist resort of Chongqing, a city of rich historical and cultural heritage. The campus covers an area of 253 hectares, with a floor area of over 500 thousand square meters. The buildings of unique style are cradled in lush woods, verdant lawns and booming flowers. With fresh, quiet and beautiful surroundings, CQUPT is an ideal place for study and research.
CQUPT is authorized to enroll international students. Now about 100 international students are studying on the campus. International students studying in CQUPT may apply for Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship and CQUPT President Scholarship. The university provides free medical insurance for all the international students, and free airport pick-up service for the new comers.
2. Admission Qualification
Chinese language courses
No special requirements
3 months/half a year /1 year
Wushu courses
With senior high school diploma and HSK certificate of level 3 or above
Half a year/1 year
With senior high school diploma and HSK certificate of level 4 or above
4 years
With senior high school diploma and without Chinese knowledge
1 or 2 years
With Bachelor degree and HSK certificate of level 6 or above
2 or 3 years
3. Application Materials
1. The completed “CQUPT Application Form for International students” with photos;
2. Diploma, Degree Certificate and school transcripts (copies or notarized statement in English);
3. Two recommendation letters from two experts (with a title of associate professor or above) for the master degree programs;
4. One photocopy of the valid passport.
5. Applicant who meets the admission requirements will receive the Admission Notice issued by CQUPT and a Visa Application Form (JW202) issued by National Education Ministry of the P.R. China.
6. The applicant goes to the nearest Chinese Embassy for an entry visa(x) with the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form (JW202).
7. Students should register at CQUPT International Students Office within the fixed dates, with the Admission Notice, 6 passport-sized photos and 4 1-inch photos will be required.
4. Application Time
Application is accepted at any time of the year. Spring semester begins around the beginning of March. Fall semester begins at the beginning of September.
5. Fees
1) Tuition (RMB)

Chinese Language
12000/a year, 6000/a semester 600/a week
7000/a semester, 14000/a year
15,000/a year
12,000/a year
20,000/a year

2) Accommodation (RMB)

Room Type
Charge (RMB/one month)
Single Room
TV, air-conditioner, refrigerator, toilet/shower, furniture, telephone, Internet access, kitchen
Double Room
300/per person
TV, air-conditioner, refrigerator, toilet/shower, furniture, telephone, Internet access, kitchen

3) Others
1) Textbook fee: it varies according to different program, but it will cost about ¥500.
2) Application fee: ¥500.

6. Programs
1. Chinese Language Program
CQUPT offers Chinese Language Programs of various lengths all the year round.
Classroom activities are based on essential Chinese. The main courses include Oral Chinese, Listening, Reading, Video-audio Chinese, News Listening, Writing, Chinese Culture and Newspaper Reading. In accordance with the actual level of the students, lectures as the Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Chinese Geography and Travels in China are to be given. There are Taijiquan, Qigong, Wushu (Martial Arts), Calligraphy, Chinese Painting and Chinese Culinary Art courses available for the students.
The main aim is to improve the students listening and speaking abilities, as well as reading and writing skills. Classroom activities will be organized with lots of conversations, reading practice, and seminars. In line with teaching syllabus, students will be arranged to participate in movie appreciation, tours and performances and so on.
According to the Chinese proficiency, the students will be divided into different classes after taking a test. The classes are Elementary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior
2. Training Courses of Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts)
CQUPT offers 1 years or a half-year training courses of Wushu.
The aim of program is to gain basic methods and skills of Wushu, and thus students will be able to perform Chinese Wushu and fight in Wushu matches. Also the students will get initial understanding and basic knowledge of traditional Chinese Culture such as traditional methods to preserve health, and obtain ability to spread Chinese Wushu. The courses will be taught by the professionals.
Training content includes:
1) Wushu basic skills: fist types and methods, footwork and posture, flexibility.
2) Taolu (Routines): Taijiquan, Chinese Boxing, Swordplay, Stick Acrobatic Play, Nanquan, Baji Boxing, Wu Qin Xi.
3) Chinese Traditional Culture.
3. Degree Studies
Bachelor Programs
Master Programs
College of Bio-information
Traditional Chinese Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering, Biological Technology, Pharmacy Engineering
College of Economy and Management Science
Marketing, Business Administration, Information Management and Information System, E-Commerce, Accounting
Management Science and Engineering
College of Media-arts
Science of Animation, artistic Design, Broadcast and TV Editing and Directing, Multimedia Technology
College of Physical Education
Social Physical Education, Wushu (Non-degree)
College of Communication and Information Engineering
Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Information Engineering
Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Processing, Measuring Technology and Apparatuses, Electrician Theory and New Technology
College of Computer Science and Technology
Computer Science and Technology, Geographic Information System, Information and Computing Science, Information Security, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Computer Applied Technology, Computer System Architecture, Computer Software and Theory
College of Automation
Automation, Measuring & Monitoring Technology and Instrument, Electric Engineering and Automation
Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automation Device, System Engineering, Mechanic & Electronic Engineering
College of Electronic Engineering
Optical Information Science and Technology, Microelectronics, Electronic Science and Technology
Theoretical Physics, Circuit and System, Microelectronics and Solid state Electronics, Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology, Theoretical Physics
College of Law

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