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Information for Foreign Students
We warmly welcome foreign students from all over the world to study at Chang-Chun University of Technology (CCUT).
CCUT is one of the qualified universities which have been authorized by the State Ministry of Education to enroll foreign students. It is also the university which has been approved by the State Ministry of Education to grant Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to Foreign Students.
So far, there have been over one hundred foreign students from such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan. The main prerequisite for admission into an undergraduate program is a middle school diploma. The autumn term begins in September. Foreign students can earn four-year Bachelor’s degrees in several fields:
(1)Machinery Engineering & Automation
(2)Industrial Design
(3)Metallic Materials Engineering.
(4)Forming of Materials & its Control.
(6)Electrical Engineering and Automation
(7)Measuring & control Technology and Appliance
(8)Computer Science and Technology
(9)Electronic and Information Engineering
(10)International Economics & Trade
(11)Information Management & Information Systems
(12)Business Administration
(13)Electric Trade
(16)Chemical Engineering and Engineering
(17)Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
(18)Pharmacy Engineering
(19)Food. Science and Engineering
(21)Information & Computing Science
(23)Public Utilities Management
(24)Social work
(28)Textile Engineering
(29)Apparel Design and Engineering
(30)Artistic Designing
(31)Traffic and Transportation
(32)Civil Engineering
(33)Educational Technology
(34)Material and Physics
(35)Labor and Social insuriance
(37)Cirumstance Engineering
(38)Director of Broadcast and Television
(39)Animated cartoon
A Master’s degree program normally lasts three years. The main prerequisite for admission into the Master’s degree program is a college diploma. The autumn term begins in September. Foreign students may earn Master’s degrees in the following fields:
(1)Machinery Engineering & Automation
(2)Machine & Electronic Engineering
(3)Material Science
(4)Material Processing Engineering
(5)Power. Electronics and Power Transmission
(6)Inspection Technology and Instrumentation
(7)Computer Application and Technology
(8)Signals and Information Treatment
(9)Management Science and Engineering
(10)Chemical Engineering
(11)Applied Chemistry
(12)Industrial Catalysis
(13)Textile Engineering
(15)Design and Theory of Machinery
(16)Physics and Chemistry of Material
(17)Controlling Theory and Controlling Engineering
(19)chemical Art
(20)Organic Chemistry
(21)Foodsteff Science
Our university is also well-known for excellence in Chinese instruction. In fact, many students come to CCUT to study Chinese every year. We offer a Short-Term Course of Study which lasts less than a half year, as well as a one-year Long-Term Course of Study. Autumn term begins in September every year. Spring term commences annually in March.
How to Apply
First, applicants should download the Application Form from CCUT’s Homepage and fill it in accordingly. A completed application will include an official high school or middle school transcript, a copy of the high school or middle school diploma, a certificate of health (available from the Chinese embassy) completed by a licensed physician, and two letters of recommendation from teachers familiar with the applicant’s scholastic aptitude and general character. These materials should be submitted to the Division of International Cooperation and Exchange of CCUT no later than May 1 of the year the applicant wishes to begin his/her course of study. Students will be informed by July 1 whether or not they have been admitted to CCUT.
Students will be picked up by a private car at the airport upon their arrival. After settling into their accommodations and a brief rest, students will participate in an orientation exercise administered by the Foreign Students Section of the Division of International Exchange and Cooperation. During orientation, students will be informed where they can register and where the can pay their tuition. All students will be asked to pay a modest U.S. $ 50.00 deposit which will be refunded to them when they leave the university, if they have caused no damage to the provided accommodations.

Welcome to study at Changchun University of Technology(长春工业大学)