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Dalian University is a comprehensive university, offering courses in the fields of education, humanities, history, law, sciences, engineering, medicine and administration. Dalian University recruits students from the city of Dalian as well as other parts of China. Situated in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone and at the foot of the luxuriant vegetation covered Dahei Mountain, Dalian University has more than 1 00 whitish buildings scattered on campus which are divided into building groups of academic subject areas by patches of greenbelts. The beautiful campus and advanced teaching facilities provide students with a nice leaning and research environment.
----Founded in October 1987, Dalian University is a merger of three colleges, which were then separated in four places. The construction of the new campus started in 1 992 and was completed in less than three years. The new campus in the development zone occupies an area of 1.08 million square meters with the building area of 250,000 square meters. The movement to the new campus changed the conditions of the University fundamentally and made the merger come true in a real sense. The movement also laid a solid foundation for the further development of the University.In October 1998, Dalian University passed the evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education.
----There are currently fourteen colleges and four departments with thirty-four bachelor's degree programs. The l ,500 faculty and staff members include 655 full-time teachers. Full-time students amount to nearly 9,000. The College of international Cultural Exchange hosts over sixty international students. The enrollment in College of Adult Education is over 3,000 students. The library has a collection of 720,000 volumes, including over 5,000 various periodicals. The literature retrieval system in the library has been classified as the first-class academic literature retrieval station in China. There are over 1,500 computers for teaching and administration in the University. The attachment establishments to the university include a medical school, a high school, a vocational school and three hospitals.
----In the past three years, ninety-one research projects have been undertaken by the faculty members of the University, including twenty projects sponsored by the national natural science and humane research funds, and other provincial and city level projects. Among the various scientific and technical achievements, six were granted the national awards and seventeen were granted the provincial and ministerial awards. L,173 papers have been published with over eighty articles being indexed in EI, SCI, ISTP and Xinhua Digest. Books and text hooks authored or co-authored by the faculty members of Dalian University are over one hundred. In 2001, the volume of scientific and technical businesses in the University amounts to over RMB 1 6,000,000.
----In order to fit in with the needs of the 21st-century scientific, cultural, and economic construction and social development, Dalian University is trying to be characterized by its own distinctive style by training students to be highly qualified talents with creative mind and practice ability in the light of the modern educational thought and concept. It is expected that by 2005 the enrollment will be over 12,000. it is also hopefully expected that Dalian University will be standing in the forefront of the provincial universities in China by 2005.

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