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Since Neusoft Institute of Information started to accept international students studying Chinese language in September 2004, we have already had 500 students who have studied here, and from different countries like Japan, Korea, Russia, USA, and Thailand. For the past four years, with the unique Chinese teaching style, reasonable curriculum design, first class facilities, excellent teaching and management faculty, we have set up cooperation relations with many international universities in Australia, UK, Korea, Japan, USA and Russia.
Besides Chinese language education to the international students, we also have Bachelor Degree programs for the students such as Computer Science and Technology and IT & Business Management majors. After graduation, the students will get diploma from Neusoft Institute of Information and the Bachelor Degree from Northeastern University with the name of Neusoft Institute of Information on it.
We have a team of teaching faculty with Master degrees, strong ability in Chinese language teaching to international students and the teachers all have rich experience in multi-media teaching and courseware development.
We have long-term and short-term language programs and degree programs, basic, intermediate, advanced classes and foreign teacher class. At present, degree programs include IT & Business Management major and Computer Science and Technology major.
The main courses of long-term language programs are Intensive Reading, Conversation Chinese, Listening, Reading, Writing, Chinese Culture, Newspaper and Magazines Reading. Besides, we have a series of optional courses such as Chinese Cooking, Paper Cutting, Martial Arts, HSK Instruction, Chinese Instrument, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Movie Appreciation, Chinese Characters Reading and Writing, Business Chinese etc, about 20 courses.
Degree Programs Courses:
Computer Science and Technology: Introduction to IT, English, Interpersonal Communication and Speaking, Computer Network, Advanced Mathematics, Database Structure, Human Computer Interaction System, JAVA, Programming, Database System Concept and Application, JSP, UML, Operation System, Software Engineering and Project Management, XML, Introduction to Embedded System
Information Technology and Business Management: Organization Behavior, Operation and Supply Chain Management, Ecomomics, Enterprise Resources Planning, Statistics, Customer Relation Managemetn, Online Payment and E-bank, Business English, Network Programming, Project Management, Network Safty, Business Negotiation Skills, Financial Management, System Analysis and Design, Marketing.
Years of teaching experience make us form a unique Chinese teaching style to international students.
1. Traditional teaching + Multi-media Aided teaching---with pictures and texts, interaction between people and computer, both teaching and learning quality is enhanced and assured.
2. Combination of in-class teaching and after-class teaching. Each semester we have language practice class for the international students. Organizing students to visit Chinese places of interests and tour around makes the students not only study Chinese language but also know more about Chinese tradition, custom, history and culture.
Teachers apply many teaching methods according to the course characteristics of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing to motivate students, to encourage them express themselves. Small size of class is good for in-class exercises. Besides, the courseware and multimedia teaching styles is very advanced now in China. The international students can enhance their Chinese language ability in a very short time know more about Chinese culture as well.
Teachers can make different teaching plans for students with different levels, and the teaching content includes knowledge of language, culture, pragmatics in and out of the textbooks.
At present, the international student education in Neusoft Institute of Information is growing. With the advantages now it has, it will become the first choice by the students who are coming to study Chinese language and culture in China.

Welcome to study at Dalian neusoft software college(大连东软软件学院)