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College of Clinical Medicine 临床医学院
List of Subjects
1 Clinical Medicine (Bachelor) Program: Clinical Medicine (Bachelor ...  Apply
2 Clinical Medicine (General Medicine) (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Clinical Medicine (Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine) (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Nursing (Bachelor)   Apply
The predecessor of the College of Clinical Medicine was the Teaching Division of Clinical which was established in 1979. In 1980, the College started to offer Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Medicine. In 2005, according to the development requirement of GDPU, the College changed its name into the College of Clinical Medicine.
Since 1980, the College began to enroll undergraduates, and most of them have become the talents in the field of medicine and made great contribution to the development of the society. It offers two programs, including Clinical Medicine and Nursing. At present, the College has a faculty of 145 people, and most of the teachers are under 55 years old. Among them, 14 are Doctors, 37 are Masters.  
The College of Clinical Medicine also owns first-class facilities for teaching and research. The total coverage of the office building for Clinical Medicine reaches 13000 square meters. And the college now has 17 teaching and research sections and one research center for Chinese and Western medicine. The Clinical skills training center is also famous in Guangdong Province for its equipment and facilities.
The College attaches great importance to research and achieves a lot in the medicine field. The researchers in the college have got two national patent for medicine. Since its establishment, the College of Clinical Medicine has trained more than 1000 graduates in Clinical Medicine. And the employment status of the college always keeps at 97%.
Length of study
Bachelor’s program: 4 or 5 years
Application time
For the Bachelor's program, the deadline for application is before the end of June each year; 
Entry requirements
Senior high school graduates or above: Non-criminal record; Have good reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities of Chinese and can read Chinese textbooks; HSK 6 is required for liberal arts, economy, management students; HSK 3 or above is required for science, engineering and medical students. 
Tuition fees
The tuition fee for Bachelor's program is RMB 16,500 per person/school year. The registration fee is RMB430.
Note: Students should pay the tuition fee for each school year at one time. Tuition will not be given back when students leave school or suspend the schooling during the learning period.

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