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Welcome to Guangdong Pharmaceutical University(广东药学院)

Located in the well-known and picturesque Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (GDPU) is one of the three pharmaceutical universities in China with a history of 50 years, and GDPU is also a popular institution of higher learning. The university is an important base which trains top qualified personnel and administrant cadres in the sciences of pharmacy, hygiene and disease control, and clinical medicine. It is a training center of national registered pharmacists and a legal pharmaceutical unit for CMA measurement and authentication in Guangdong Province. What’s more, it is a multidisciplinary pharmaceutical institute of higher learning, combining medicine and pharmacy, and keeping pharmacy as its priority.   The main campus of GDPU is situated in scenic Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center; and the three other campuses are Baogang campus, Chigang campus and Zhongshan campus respectively. Now GDPU covers an area of more than 3000Mu (2,000,000M2.). At present, the total number of students of all levels has reached more than 25,000, including more th..View more

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Welcome to study at Guangdong Pharmaceutical University(广东药学院)