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School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 中药学院
List of Subjects
1 Chinese Materia Medica (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Chinese Materia Medica (Chinese Pharmaceutics) (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Chinese Materia Medica (Analysis and Identification of Chinese Materia Medica) (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Chinese Materia Medica (Health Products of Chinese Materia Medica) (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Chinese Materia Medica (Modernization Technology of Chinese Materia Medica) (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Chinese Materia Medica (Clinical Chinese Materia Medica) (Bachelor)   Apply
7 Resources and Exploitation of Chinese Materia Medica (Bachelor)   Apply
8 Planting and Identification of Chinese Herbal Medicine (Bachelor)   Apply
Established in 2003, the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine has made great contribution to the development of the tradition Chinese medicine in Guangdong Province. The growth process of the School has gained numerous attentions from the government organizations in Guangdong Province.
After years’ development, the School has established 7 teaching and researching sections and one experimental center. The seven researching sections cover comprehensive research areas of traditional Chinese medicine including medicobotany, identification of Chinese drug, pharmacy of Chinese materia medica, etc. The School also owns one special museum of traditional Chinese medicine.
The School has a faculty of 81 people, including 12 professors, 9 associate professors, 61 teachers. Among these teachers, 24 of them have Doctoral degree, 30 of them own Master’s degree. All the teachers in the School are professional and hard-working. In recent years, they have got many honors from some government organizations or research organizations.
Currently, the School offers three majors, which include Chinese Materia Medica, Resources and Exploitation of Chinese Materia Medica and Planting and Identification of Chinese Herbal Medicine. The number of all the students in the School has reached 3900.
The first-class teaching and researching facilities of the School has played important roles in the development of the School. The total area of the office building reaches 24,680 square meters. The whole value of its teaching and researching equipments has reached 12.8 million yuan. Until now, the School has established more than 60 practice bases for teaching, which provide good chance for students to learn more about Chinese medicine.
The School is famous for its excellent research ability. Since it foundation, it has hosted numerous important research programs of Ministry of Science and Technology and other famous organizations.
Length of study
Bachelor’s program: 4 or 5 years
Application time
For the Bachelor's program, the deadline for application is before the end of June each year;
Entry requirements
Senior high school graduates or above; Non-criminal record; Have good reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities of Chinese and can read Chinese textbooks; HSK 6 is required for liberal arts, economy, management students; HSK 3 or above is required for science, engineering and medical students.
Tuition fees
The tuition fee for Bachelor's program is RMB 16,500 per person/school year. The registration fee is RMB 430.
Note: Students should pay the tuition fee for each school year at one time. Tuition will not be given back when students leave school or suspend the schooling during the learning period.

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