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School of Food Science 食品科学学院
List of Subjects
1 Food Quality and Safety (Bachelor)   Apply
The establishment of the School of Food Science was one of the most important cases in the development process of the university, for it was the first secondary college founded in the Zhongshan campus of GDPU. Formerly founded in 2008, the School of Food Science has experienced a long period of development, which can be traced back to 1993.
At present, the School of Food Science has 5 teaching and researching sections and one experimental center. The five teaching and researching sections cover the areas of food and biological engineering, food chemistry and analysis, food engineering and so on. And the experimental center owns several laboratories of processing and storage of agriculture products and processing and storage of aquatic products, etc.
The School of Food Science also has an excellent research group. In recent years, the teachers in the school has published more than 70 pieces of research papers, and taken part in the editing work of more than 16 academic works. Most of the teachers have hosted many international cooperation programs. Among all the teachers, 14 of them have positions in some national and provincial research organizations.
In the new century, the School aims at developing itself into one of the largest and influential schools in the area of food science by improving the quality of its teaching, researching and subjects construction.
Length of study
Bachelor’s program: 4 or 5 years
Application time
For the Bachelor's program, the deadline for application is before the end of June each year;
Entry requirements
Senior high school graduates or above; Non-criminal record; Have good reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities of Chinese and can read Chinese textbooks; HSK 6 is required for liberal arts, economy, management students; HSK 3 or above is required for science, engineering and medical students.
Tuition fees
The tuition fee for Bachelor's program is RMB 16,500 per person/school year. The registration fee is RMB 430.
Note: Students should pay the tuition fee for each school year at one time. Tuition will not be given back when students leave school or suspend the schooling during the learning period.

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