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School of Medical Business 医药商学院
List of Subjects
1 International Economics and Trade (International Trade of Chinese Materia Medica) (Bachelor)   Apply
2 Marketing (Medical Trade) (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Human Resources Management (Medical Human Resources Management) (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Public Administration (Bachelor) Program: Public Administration ...  Apply
5 Public Administration (Medical Software Engineering) (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Public Administration (Medical Information) (Bachelor)   Apply
The predecessor of School of Medical Business was the Department of Management in the university. Founded in 2003, the School got its present name in 2005. Since its establishment, the School always tries its best to develop its special subjects and majors. The majors it owns cover the subject of Economic and Management. At present, it has five Bachelor’s program, including Marketing, public administration, E-business and Human resources Management, etc.
Currently, the School of Medical Business enrolls about 1000 students each year. Considering the subjects, majors and number of students, the School plays an important role in the development of the university.
Under the efforts of its excellent faculty, the School has taken great advantages in medical subjects. Depending on its advanced principle of management, the School has built close cooperation relationship with relevant medical universities, medical enterprises and government organizations at different levels. All these conditions have helped it become the base for medical management talents in Guangdong Province and even the whole South China Region.
At the same time, the School of Medical Business pays much attention to the combination of professional medical knowledge and enterprises management. After years’ development, the School has trained numerous applied talents who are familiar with medical knowledge and management.
Length of study
Bachelor’s program: 4 or 5 years
Application time
For the Bachelor's program, the deadline for application is before the end of June each year;
Entry requirements
Senior high school graduates or above; Non-criminal record; Have good reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities of Chinese and can read Chinese textbooks; HSK 6 is required for liberal arts, economy, management students; HSK 3 or above is required for science, engineering and medical students.
Tuition fees
The tuition fee for Bachelor's program is RMB 16,500 per person/school year. The registration fee is RMB 430.
Note: Students should pay the tuition fee for each school year at one time. Tuition will not be given back when students leave school or suspend the schooling during the learning period.

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