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College of Pharmacy 药科学院
List of Subjects
1 Pharmacy (Bachelor) Program: Pharmacy (Bachelor) ...  Apply
2 Pharmacy (Hospital Pharmacy) (Bachelor)   Apply
3 Pharmacy (Clinical Pharmacy) (Bachelor)   Apply
4 Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Analysis) (Bachelor)   Apply
5 Pharmacy (Medical Affairs Management) (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Pharmacy (Medical Trade) (Bachelor)   Apply
7 Pharmacy (Medical Information) (Bachelor)   Apply
8 Pharmaceutical Preparation (Bachelor)   Apply
9 Pharmaceutical Preparation (Natural Pharmaceutical Preparation) (Bachelor)   Apply
10 Pharmaceutical Engineering (Bachelor)   Apply
11 Chemical Engineering & Technique (Fine Chemical Industry) (Bachelor)   Apply
12 Chemical Engineering & Technique (Medicinal High Molecular Material) (Bachelor)   Apply
The predecessor of the College of Pharmacy was the Department of Pharmacy which was founded in 1958, and it was also regarded as one of the most important medicine bases in the Lingnan Area. At present, the College of Pharmacy is one of the secondary colleges in the university and in 2004 it got its present name. What's more, in 1971, the College of Pharmacy began to enroll undergraduate students.
Currently, the College of Pharmacy has a staff team of 184, including 164 teachers, 16 people with high title; among these members, 50 of them have Doctoral degree, 75 of them own Master’s degree. 
The College of Pharmacy consists of 5 departments, 13 teaching and research sections and one experimental center, which is a great guarantee for the research achievements for the whole college. In recent years, the College of Pharmacy has achieved a lot in some difficult areas of pharmacy.
Since its establishment, the College of Pharmacy has made great contribution to the whole development of the medicine industry in Guangdong Province and South China Region. And the graduates from the College have won good praise in the area of medicine research, processing technique, quality control, hospital pharmacy, social drug-store and many other areas, most of whom have  become experts or management talents in medicine industry in Guangdong Province.
Sticking to the principle of “self-renewal and innovative”, the College of Pharmacy will try its best to improve its ability of teaching and research, thus make important contribution to the development of the University.
Length of study
Bachelor’s program: 4 or 5 years
Application time
For the Bachelor's program, the deadline for application is before the end of June each year.
Entry requirements
Senior high school graduates or above; Non-criminal record; Have good reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities of Chinese and can read Chinese textbooks; HSK 6 is required for liberal arts, economy, management students; HSK 3 or above is required for science, engineering and medical students.
Tuition fees
The tuition fee for Bachelor's program is RMB 16,500 per person/school year. The registration fee is RMB 430.
Note: Students should pay the tuition fee for each school year at one time. Tuition will not be given back when students leave school or suspend the schooling during the learning period.

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