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Founded in 1958,G.I.P.E is the only higher education institution majoring in sports in South China .It offers three main subjects-Physical Education, Literature and Economics-which include 8 specialties such as Physical Education, Sports Training, Human Kinesiology and Science, Sports Sociology, Traditional Sports Education, Sports Correspondence and Modeling, and Sports Economics. In addition, it has been authorized to award Master's Degrees for such majors as Teaching Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Humanities of Sports and Human Kinesiology and Science. It is not only possesses the national base for the training of sports aerobics, the key national research base for sports sociology, and the "Association of Calisthenics and Gymnastics" for the university students of China under the Ministry of Education, but has also been awarded the honor of hosting the National Training School for Teenagers. It is also entitled by the National Sports Bureau to award qualification certificates for referees and athletes of the highest level. The institution, along with nearly 20 well-known guest professors from both home and abroad, has 251 experienced teachers with academic degrees that include 32 professors, 113 associate professors and several highly respected supervisors for PhD candidates. It has a current students population of approximately 5,000, including over 200 national master sportsman and over 400 first-class athlete degree holders. Reputed for its professional level of teaching, training and researching, G.I.P.E has established an exchange program with over 10 universities in the U.S., Australia, Finland, Malaysia and other countries.
There are 4 types of programs for international students according to their type of study: master degree students, undergraduate students, general advanced students, one-subject students and short-term students.
﹡Master's degree students: Those who are bachelor's degree holders, able to pass the fourth level of the HSK (Chinese proficiency test), are in good health, well behaved, are recommended by 2 associate professors or above, and pass the entrance examination can be a master's degree student. The period of study is 3 years.
﹡Undergraduate students: must be high school graduates, in good health, well behaved, below 28 years of age, able to the third level of the HSK(if applying for Physical Education, Aerobic Dancing, Sports Training and the Traditional National Sports), or the fourth level of the HSK(if applying for the Department of Human Kinesology and Science, Sports Sociology, Sports Economics and Sports News).The period of study is 4 years. The students study according to the teaching program of the university and have classes with Chinese students.
﹡General advanced students: Those who are at least high school graduates, in good health and well-behaved can apply for general advanced students.
﹡One-subject and short-term student: The same as the general advanced student.
G.I.P.E. is renowned for its two specialties: Traditional Chinese National Sports and Traditional Chinese Massage and Acupuncture.
The Traditional National Sports major, expanded on the original Wushu, is the key major in G.I.P.E, which is one of the earliest schools that can offer this program. It is now recruiting both undergraduate and graduate students, majoring in three specialties-Wushu, National Folk Sports, and Traditional Health Preservation. It has a current faculty member of 24, including 6 professors and associate professors, 3 world champions and 5 national champions. In recent years, a number of teachers have been invited to go to India, Canada, the U.S, Japan and Korea for academic exchanges, enjoying great achievements. Its students, who have participated in various martial arts championships, have won many titles for the school; some of them are frequently invited to coach or demonstrate martial arts moves for action movies. The department's teaching standard and technique is undoubtedly the leading one in the country. The department's traditional subjects also include Nan Quan, Tai Ji Quan, Ba Ji Quan, Lion Dancing and Health Preservation.
Massage and acupuncture are an integral part of the long history of Chinese traditional medicine. Based on anatomy, physiology and Chinese traditional medicine, massage and acupuncture can cause local or enforce the scope of application and few or harmless side effects, massage and acupuncture have long been the most popular means for healing and therapy, and are fast gaining popularity in the West as well.
Aims and tasks:
1.Through the learning the practical and theoretical knowledge of wushu, foreign students are encouraged to acquire knowledge and understanding of the history and essence of Chinese wushu. can cultivate a healthy body and soul, and perfect your morality.
2.The instruction will enable foreign students to demonstrate correctly wushu movements, teach or train either Chang Quan or Tai ji Quan, and be a judge in a wushu competition.
3.The university is running two kinds of classes for foreign students: Tai Ji Qian and Chang Quan. Each course lasts for 2 years. Foreign students may either follow the training program starting from the first grade or join in the class in the middle of the course, according to their level.
Training program:
Tai Ji Quan
Simplified form of 24 forms of Tai Ji Quan; 32 forms of Tai Ji sword; Yang style Tai Ji Quan; Chen style Tai Ji Quan, 42 forms of comprehensive Tai Ji Sword, Tai Ji Pushing Hands, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua zhang Wushu Theory
Chang Quan
Si lu Chang Quan, Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Broadswords, Sword, Spear, Staff, Pair Fighting, Xing Yi Quan, Pu Dao, Pair Fighting with Weapons
Class Times:
There are 15 classes each week for 38 weeks every year. Autumn term usually begins around September 1. First day or spring term varies according to the Chinese lunar calendar, so contact the Institute for exact dates.
Brief Introduction to Specialities
1. Physical Culture Education Speciality
The Physical Culture Education Speciality, the largest-scale with the longest history at the institute, with 1600 students at present, stresses intensified teacher-training educational consciousness, forming the peculiarity of "emphasis on foundations, precise pursuit of studies, one speciality with multi-skills and comprehensive development".
For the Speciality, there are now 100 teachers, among them, 50-odd professors and assistant professors, 20-odd referees above the national grade. Students mainly study 60-odd courses: sports biology courses, sports anthropo-social subjects as well as track and field, gymnastics, swimming, Chinese martial arts, weight-lifting, ball-games, etc.
Training Objectives and Requirements: To foster physical culture educators above secondary schools, able to grasp relatively systematic basic theories, and to improve students' basic physical culture education theories, techniques and skills, with one speciality on the basis of overall development.
Fixed number of Study Years: 4 years. The credit system is practiced. Students can graduate in 3 or 5-6 years. Those up to the conditions are awarded the education bachelor's degree.
2. The Speciality of Exercise Human-body (Health Protection and Recovery)
Students of this speciality chiefly study: physical education biological courses; clinical medicine; basic theories, knowledge and skills of sports courses; techniques for sports health care and recovery as well as experiments in biological courses. And they should master means of health care and basic treatment for recovery. For this speciality, there are 5 teaching and research sections (Sports Medicine, Sports Bio-chemistry, Sports Physiology, Sports Anatomy and Scientific Computation), a recovery centre and an experiment centre.
Training Objectives and Requirements: Fostered are: physical culture educators above secondary schools; grasp comparatively systematic basic theories and practice; high-grade professionals (recovery physiotherapists, nutrition instructors, physique evaluators, medical supervisors and sports health-carers) to engage in teaching, scientific research, health-care guidance, health guidance, and health-care and recovery guidance in the fields of sports biology, health care and recovery.
Fixed number of Study Years: 4 years. The credit system is practiced. Students can graduate in 3 or 5-6 years. Those up to the conditions are awarded the education bachelor's degree.
3. The Specialized Orientation for Dancing Science (Human-body Motion Performing Arts--Modelling)
Training Objectives and Requirements: This specialized orientation, a newly-established sports art speciality at the institute, principally trains teaching and scientific research professionals in dancing and modelling, and image instructors and designers, etc. The 60-odd main courses to study are: dancing science; art appreciation; aesthetics; modelling direction; modelling management; music; arts; image direction and design; film and TV performance; human-body anatomy; sports physiology, etc.
Training Objectives and Requirements: This speciality trains professionals integratively developed in morals, intelligence, physique and aesthetics, mastering and capable of applying basic theories, knowledge and skills for dancing science (human motion performing arts--modelling), and human motion science. It fosters teachers in fields correlative to the speciality of dancing science (human motion performing arts--modelling), commercial marketing professionals for performing art advertising design and machination, performing art (modeling) and enterprise image machination and design etc., as well as professionals in physical education culture transmitting institutions, TV stations, performing art organizations and physique coaching, and high-level professionals for product image design, sales promotion and public relations, etc.
Fixed number of Study Years: 4 years. The credit system is practiced. Students can graduate in 3 or 5-6 years. Those up to the conditions are awarded the bachelor's degree of arts.
4. Speciality of Sports for All
This is a new speciality offered at the institute in recent years. It cultivates professionals with fine ideological and scientific quality to engage in organizing, administrating, operating and technically guiding sports for all, as well as in physical education teaching and sports news transmission. With the Guangdong provincial key course section--the Sports Anthropo-sociology Course Section as the main force, this speciality has superior equipment and quite qualified teachers richly experienced in teaching and highly capable of scientific research.
Training Objectives and Requirements: To bring up: developing-type of professionals with synthetic quality; managerial and technical type of professionals for sports for all; physical culture educationists for above middle schools; professionals to meet the needs of society to launch mass physical activities, and demands of different kinds of schools and universities.
Fixed number of Study Years: 4 years. The credit system is practiced. Students can graduate in 3 or 5-6 years. Those up to the conditions are awarded the education bachelor's degree.
5. Speciality (Orientation) of Sports Economics
This is newly offered at our institute. As sports economy is becoming an extremely promising growing point in social economy, sports industry, as a newly-expanding industry, is greatly favoured and paid attention to.
Training Objectives and Requirements: This speciality chiefly trains: officials capable of sports economic analysis, forecast, programme and management in departments of economy and sports, etc.; professionals for sporting fit-keeping recreation trades, sporting competition/ performance trades, sporting goods trades, sporting lottery trades, sporting tourism, sporting information trades, sporting technical guiding consultative trades, and sports agents, etc.
Fixed number of Study Years: 4 years. The credit system is practiced. Students can graduate in 3 or 5-6 years. Those up to the conditions are awarded the economics bachelor's degree.
6. Sports News Transmission Speciality (Orientation)
The disseminative industry is a rising one in the 21st century; sports news transmission, as its branch, is comparatively lacking in talents, and still urgently needs developing. Up to the present, the speciality has enrolled 2 grades of students, who have benefited greatly from the distinct sports news transmitting features, strict teaching organization, and fine teachers.
Training Objectives and Requirements: This speciality will strive to develop high-level sports news professionals with both various kinds of sporting knowledge, and modern transmitting ideas, familiar with modern transmitting techniques.
Fixed number of Study Years: 4 years. The credit system is practiced. Students can graduate in 3 or 5-6 years. Those up to the conditions are awarded the arts bachelor's degree.
7.Sports Training and Traditional Chinese National Sports Specialities
The 2 specialities, the most characteristic of the nature of our institute, act an important role in training sports talents and scientific research, and have formed the talent-fostering feature of "reinforcement of foundations, stress on specialized events and training, and emphasis of individuality". In recent years, students of the specialities have represented various teams of the institute in above-provincial competitions, gaining unprecedented excellent results. Guided by reforming and developing thought, with focus on raising physical education and sports professionals' cultural and ideological levels, new ways are actively being opened up for schooling-cooperation with the provincial and municipal teams of physical education and sports work so as to make greater contributions to the development in sporting levels and the physical education and sports cause of Guangdong Province.
Training Objectives and Requirements: Trained are coaches and teachers integratively developed in morals, intelligence, physique and aesthetics to engage in sports training practice and scientific research, mastering systematic sports training basic theories, methods, skills and techniques, and qualified for coaching, competition and refereeing, etc.
Fixed number of Study Years: 4 years. The credit system is practiced. Students can graduate in 3 or 5-6 years. Those up to the conditions are awarded the education bachelor's degree.
Tuition (per academic year)
﹡General Majors:
One subject study: US$1800/year
Wushu study: US$1800/year
Undergraduate student: US$2200/year
﹡Dancing, Modeling and Public Relation:US$2800/year
﹡Short-term study(above 3 months):
General majors: US$250/month for advanced study in groups Dancing, Modeling and Public Relations: US$300/month; the students study according to the teaching program of the university and have classes with Chinese Students.
Fees for residence
﹡Single room: US$5 per day plus utilities
﹡Double room: US$3 per day plus utilities
The school currently has one new dormitory building for foreign students to live in. In each room, there is a private bathroom, an air-conditioner, a desk and bedding. The school features canteens, stores and international telephone booths to cater to the study and living needs of every kind of student.
Student will meet expenses for their water, phone, electricity, gas, meals, medical treatment, teaching materials, scientific experiments, senior year teaching internship and travel. Living in China is generally very affordable. Terms of payment
On arrival, the student must pay US$50 for registration fee and an extra US$30 if reception at the airport is required, both in cash. The student may pay his tuition and room fees twice in a year after the first year, witch must be paid in full on registration. The tuition must be fully paid for one year if the student studies more than half a year and less than one year. Extra 5%payment is required for postponed payment. No tuition will be returned or remitted by the Institute on account of absence through illness or termination of studies during the whole or any part of any term. Room rent is paid on daily basis for those who discontinue their studies, transfer to another school during the term or are expelled from the university.

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