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College of Mechanical Engineering 机械工程学院
List of Subjects
1 Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation机械设计制造及其自动化(Bachelor) Program: Mechanical Design, ...  Apply
2 Industrial Design工业设计(Bachelor)   Apply
3 Packing Engineering包装工程(Bachelor)   Apply
4 Industrial Engineering工业工程(Bachelor)   Apply
5 Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation机械制造及其自动化(Master)   Apply
6 Mechatronic Engineering机械电子工程(Master)   Apply
7 Mechanical Design and Theory机械设计及理论(Master)   Apply
Established in 1958, College of Mechanical Engineering has a history of 45 year. It has now developed into an excellent group of high comprehensive strength after generations of teachers and students' endeavor. There are four undergraduate specialties including mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, industrial design, industrial engineering and packaging engineering and a specialized subject specialty: mechanical electronics engineering. The college is qualified for the master degrees awarding in two specialties: mechanical design and theory, mechanical manufacturing and automation.
At present, there are 1500 undergraduates, 7 professors and 38 associate professors in the college, 14 of the teachers have received their doctor degrees and 28 have received their master degrees.
The college has been attaching much importance to innovation in science and technology, the scientific research atmosphere is very strong. In recent years, the college has accomplished 52 scientific research programs of National Natural Science Fund, Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense, Hebei Education Department, Hebei Scientific and Technical Department, 5 of them have won the Advancement Rewards of Province Science and Technology, many scientific research achievements reaches the domestic advanced level. Subjects construction is much accounted of in the college, many advanced education bases have been established such as CAD/CAM software engineering center, Advanced manufacturing technology center, Mechatronics technology center, Friction, wear and tear and lubrication technology research institute, Numerical control machine tool laboratory, Dynamics laboratory, Multimedia demonstration room, Industrial design laboratory. The principle of the integration of "Education, Research and industrialization" has been actively explored. The department owns "High Science and Technology Center of Hebei Polytechnic University" not only serves the teaching and science research of the whole college, but also gives service to the practice of the students.
Cultivating and improving of students' comprehensive quality is regarded as one of the most important aims in the college. In recent years about 40 graduates have passed the entrance examinations and become graduates of state famous universities: Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeast University. In May 1997, Zhang Hongcheng, Lu Huaijing from this college won the first prize of International Undergraduate Mathematic Modeling Competition in America. In 1999, the graduate designs of Mechanical College were highly appraised by the graduate design evaluating group of Hebei Educational Committee. In the same year, Zhang Jingyu, a undergraduate, won the glorious title of "National Just and Brave Advanced Member". In 2002, 3 and excellent "Blowing the train" projects and model manufacturing accomplished by teachers and students of Mechanical Engineering College vanquished 5 universities including Zhejiang University, and were broadcasted on CCTV, receiving high appraisement of honorable guests, brotherly academies and China Central Television, and gained glory for the university.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4 years
Postgraduate students: 2.5 years
Application time
For spring semester, the deadline for application is the end of July; for autumn semester, the deadline is in the end of May. For foreign students who want to learn Chinese in the university, they could choose the time they like.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree:
Be 18 years old, senior high school graduate, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
For Master’s degree:
Have Bachelor’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
For Doctoral degree:
Have Master’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
Tuition fees
Registration Fee
Bachelor’s degree
RMB 16000
Note: The tuition fee would be RMB 20000 for art students.

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