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Undergraduate Specialties
(Duration Full Time: 4 years pogram - bachelor degree)
1.      Material Chemistry
2.      Inorganic Nonmetallic Material Engineering
3.      Polymer Materials and Engineering
4.      Applied Chemistry
5.      Biological Technology
6.      Chemical Engineering and Processes
7.      Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
8.      Industrial Design
9.      Packing Engineering
10.    Industrial Engineering
11.    Measurement Control Technique and Instruments
12.    Automation
13.    Computer Science and Technology
14.    Network Engineering
15.    Architecture
16.    Civil Engineering
17.    Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering
18.    Water Feeding and Draining Engineering
19.    Engineering Management
20.    Geographic Information System
21.    Surveying Engineering
22.    Traffic and Transportation
23.    Transportation Engineering
24.    International Economy and Business
25.    Finance
26.    Information Management and Information System
27.    Business Administration
28.    Administration of Public Affairs
29.    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
30.    Information and Computing Science
31.    Statistics
32.    English
33.    Japanese
34.    Law
35.    Social Work
36.    Electronic Information Science and Technology
37.    Electronic Information Engineering
38.    Communication Engineering
39.    Electrical Science and Technology
40.    Metallurgical Engineering
41.    Metal Material Engineering
42.    Material Shaping and Controlling Engineering
43.    Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
44.    Painting
45.    Arts Design
46.    Environmental Science
47.    Mining Engineering
48.    Mining Engineering
49.    Resource Exploration Engineering
50.    Environmental Engineering
51.    Safety Engineering
52.    Petroleum Engineering
53.    Ocean Technology
54.    Logistics Engineering
55.    Process Equipment and Control Engineering
Master Degree Specialties
(Duration Full Time Program: 2.5 years. Research Based: 1 year coursework & 1.5 year research)
1.        Industrial Economics
2.        Foreign Languages and Literature & Applied Linguistics
3.        Artistic Design
4.        Applied Mathematics
5.        Engineering Mechanics
6.        Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
7.        Mechatronic Engineering
8.        Mechanical Design and Theory
9.        Material Physics and Chemistry
10.    Material Science
11.    Materials Processing Engineering
12.    Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy
13.    Ferrous Metallurgy
14.    Nonferrous Metallurgy
15.    Thermal Power Engineering
16.    Control Theory and Engineering
17.    Computer Application Technology
18.    Structural Engineering
19.    Municipal Engineering
20.    Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering
21.    Geodesy and Surveying Engineering
22.    Chemical Engineering and Processes
23.    Applied Chemistry
24.    Geological Engineering
25.    Mining Engineering
26.    Ore-processing Engineering
27.    Safety Technology and Engineering
28.    Enterprises Management
Master of Engineering Fields
(Duration Part Time Program: 3-5 years)
1.        Mechanical Engineering
2.        Material Engineering
3.        Metallurgical Engineering
4.        Control Engineering
5.        Architectural and Civil Engineering
6.        Chemical Engineering
7.        Mining Engineering
8.        Safety Engineering
Tuition Fee
 Registration fee is US RMB 400 Yuan for each student
 RMB 16,000 yuan/year for the undergraduates
 RMB 20,000 yuan/year for majors in art
 RMB12000 yuan/year for the language learners (For the long-term students)
 RMB 6000yuan for the short-term language learners (One semester)
 RMB1600 yuan/month for the trainees for the HSK examination
 Fees for the traveling learners will be negotiated by the two sides in the light of the length of schooling, the length of traveling and the traveling lines.
Other Expenses 
 Students are responsible for the expenses on food, accommodation, books and that on the application of residential certificate and visa. 
 Students are responsible for the expenses on phone call, internet, fax and mail.
 Students are responsible for their medical fees, life insurance and expenses on extra-curricula tests, practices, field trips and visiting, etc. 

Welcome to study at Hebei Polytechnic University(河北理工大学)