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College of Resources and Environment 资源与环境学院
List of Subjects
1 Ore-dressing采矿工程(Bachelor) Program: Ore-dressing (Bachelor) ...  Apply
2 Ore-processing Engineering矿物加工工程(Bachelor)   Apply
3 Resource Exploration Engineering资源勘查工程(Bachelor)   Apply
4 Environmental Engineering环境工程(Bachelor)   Apply
5 Environmental Science (Bachelor)   Apply
6 Geological Engineering地质工程(Master)   Apply
7 Mining Engineering矿业工程(Master)   Apply
8 Ore-dressing (Master)   Apply
9 Ore-processing engineering (Master)   Apply
The history of the College of Resources and Environment can be dated back to the earlier Mining department in Hebei Polytechnic University. In 1959 the Mining and Metallurgy department of Tianjin University was merged into it. Since the establishment of it, it has always adhered to the principles of “keeping a foothold in Hebei and turn towards the whole country” and have brought the courses into full play, which have done a great contribution to the talents' cultivation, scientific research, and intellectual supports and so on. At present, the college has developed into a multi-disciplinary engineering college centered on the characteristics of resources and environment.
The College has four departments, which is Department of Mining, Department of Mineral Processing, Department of Geology and Department of Environment and opens four specialties for bachelor degree, which is Ore-dressing, Ore -processing engineering, Resource Exploration Engineering and Environmental Engineering and four specialties for master degree, which is Ore-dressing, Safety technology and project, Ore-processing engineering and geological engineering. The total number of the students in college has reached more than 790.
The College is well structured and composed with a large powerful group of teachers. Now it has a faculty of 11 professors, 8 assistant professors, 11 doctors, 6 doctors on the course and 20 postgraduate tutors. It has two key laboratories in Tangshan, which are ore-dressing, and safety technique key lab and new environmental protection technique key lab. We have got long-term research and cooperation relationship with Hebei Metallurgy design institute, University of science and technology Beijing, Northeastern university China, Tangshan of China coal research institute, University of Leeds, University of New South Wales in Australia and so on. Nowadays, it has become an important base for fostering talented people and conducting science and technology research in the domain of mining and environment.
Since its establishment, the College has achieved a lot in the scientific research in recent years. It has undertaken several national research items and more than 30 provincial scientific research items and won more than 10 technological achievement prizes, 2 national newly practical patents and 15 bureau-level technological achievement prizes. Moreover, more than 300 papers are issued at home and abroad, among which over 30 pieces are embodied into the three big indices and more than 20 monographs and masterpieces are published. Besides, it has formed many characteristic research directions, such as metal mine land reclamation, mining from open field to underground, mine safety technique, Ore-processing engineering and its synthesized application and stability tests for geotochnics. At present, the College has undertaken one research program from national 863 research programs, one from national natural science fund and several from the province and municipality.
Length of study
Undergraduate students: 4 years
Postgraduate students: 2.5 years
Application time
For spring semester, the deadline for application is the end of July; for autumn semester, the deadline is in the end of May. For foreign students who want to learn Chinese in the university, they could choose the time they like.
Entry requirements
For Bachelor’s degree:
Be 18 years old, senior high school graduate, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
For Master’s degree:
Have Bachelor’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
For Doctoral degree:
Have Master’s degree or above, HSK3 certificate or above, in good physical condition.
Tuition fees
Registration Fee
Bachelor’s degree
RMB 16000
Note: The tuition fee would be RMB 20000 for art students.

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