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College of Sciences理学院
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1 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics数学与应用数学(Bachelor)   Apply
2 Information and Calculating Science信息与计算科学(Bachelor)   Apply
1. Excellent teachers' team
The college of sciences consists of six academic units, including departments of Informatics and Calculation, Applied Mathematics, Project Mathematics, Fundamental Computer Education, Systemic Science and Project, and Applied Mechanics. In addition there are Research institute of safety of information, mechanics laboratory, special- purpose computer lab. Teaching and administrative staff add up to 59 people. Among them the number of the professor is 4, associate professor is 13. The teacher with the above-mentioned master's degree accounts for 47% of the young teachers.
The college of sciences has a thought awareness to be high, diligent and respectful to work teaching bodies uniting to advance courageously with high professional ability. The teachers are industrious, in a conscientious and down-to-earth manner, dare to explore , educate people meticulously, have strong dedication and sense of duty, in the teaching , scientific research forefront with the energetic hospitable work all the time, many teachers obtained the honorary titles at all levels. There is medal recipient in " May Day " in the whole country, outstanding teacher of Hebei, " top ten " teachers, Tangshan outstanding teacher and all types of advanced worker more than over 100 of Tangshan.
2. High level of teaching
The college of sciences improves teaching quality steadily, has made the rich teaching achievement with the teaching centre all the time. Whole students of grade examination of the computer of Hebei were up to 97.3% through the rate in 1999, our academy student prepare for the postgraduate qualifying examination mathematics up to 95.8% through rate, mathematics modeling contest award- winning 8 times 1998, two teams participate in the contest in pairs winning the first prize in " U. S.A. the 13th university student mathematics modeling contest " especially. In CCTV " on weekend to have a fantastic idea " the feeling of the column " machine " is limitless --Design of cell-phone among the program, our academy " neuron cell-phone " that student design lie in national key famous- brand universities and colleges on the same stage among the sports future, win the first place.
3. Outstanding teaching research
In recent years, the teaching of college of sciences was made into the fruit generously , the reform in education has made a breakthrough, obtain Hebei outstanding teaching one - two achievement, third-class award each one, obtain school magnitudes of outstanding teaching prize of the achievement many item. Grind the teaching educational reform projects at all levels and up to 12 items at present. Six courses, such as "higher mathematics", etc. are chosen as one grade of outstanding courses of school. Developing teaching more than 40 sets of software by oneself, nearly ten sets of coursewares are chosen as the outstanding courseware of the school, have made the remarkable teaching result.
4. Rich scientific findings
The college of sciences launches research work actively, is saved 8 prizes for the achievement in science and technology while doing teaching well, obtain 12 items prizes for the achievement in science and technology of the city, publish nearly 200 theses in recent years, publish 3 monographs , more than 20 teaching materials.
5. Students of innovation manage
In order to train the high-quality inter-disciplinary talent, the college of sciences has formed the working train of thought of construction of style of study of using student's scientific and technical innovation to promote through practical exploration. Have established the scientific and technical innovation department relying mainly on the tutor and student backbones. Over the past two years, the scientific and technical innovation department has developed and finished " the base tests and assesses the system when the overall qualities of university students of campus network are rea", " ideological and political work websites of the Red River Valley of college of sciences", " websites of office of Party Committee of polyversity of Hebei Polytechnic University", " websites of United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee of propaganda department of Hebei Polytechnic University", "webpage of college of sciences", " the institute of college of sciences marks the plan of design ". Still organize some students and participate in electronic courseware making and the teacher's scientific research project. More than 20 students have joined PLA man's information-based company. Have arouse the enthusiasm of student through a series of scientific and technical innovation, has strengthened students' sense of participation. Make scientific and technical innovation become common practise, has formed the good courtyard wind and style of study. Two student the provincial three-virtues student , more than 240 students obtain all types of honorary title.
All teaching and administrative staff of college of sciences are throwing themselves into the energetic mental attitude in the brand-new developing period of polyversity of Hebei, is it become for our school first-class polyversity make heavy contribution to make great efforts.

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