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Welcome to Hebei University(河北大学)

Hebei University is one of the top universities within Hebei Province. It is situated in Baoding, a city with a long history and rich cultural heritage in China, within easy access of Beijing. Hebei University was founded in Tianjin in 1921. Since its foundation, Hebei University has undergone successive changes in its name. It used to be Tianjin Industrial & Commercial Institute; it later became Jingu College, then Tianjin Normal School, and Tianjin Normal University for a while. In 1960, it was transformed in to a comprehensive university with its current name Hebei University. Then in 1970, it was moved to Baoding.


As a comprehensive university, Hebei University offers a variety of courses covering a wide range of fields, including Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science and Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Management. The 15 colleges offer 56 specialized undergraduate courses leading to bachelor's degrees. The university can also award master's degrees in forty-four subjects and doctorates in six fields. Ten of our specialized subjec..View more

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Welcome to study at Hebei University(河北大学)