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Hubei University of Economics (HBUE) is an institution of higher education on four-year programs basis  directly under the administration of Hubei Provincial Government with economics and management as its core disciplines, which are coordinated with the development of such disciplines as science, engineering, literature, law, pedagogy, etc. 

HBUE was established in 2002 with the amalgamation of former Hubei Commercial College, Wuhan Finance College and Hubei Institute for Planning Personnel Management. Its earliest predecessor can be traced back to Hubei Commercial Secondary School founded in October, 1907. Although having a school-running history of 100 years and experiencing the Chinese Revolution of 1911, the War of Resistance against Japan and two China’s Civil Wars, as well as the changes of names and sites of former schools, HBUE consistently adhere to cultivating useful talents for society development, who not only are virtuous and learned, but also can serve people and society loyally.   

 HBUE is located on the side of Tangxun Lake, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei Province and covers an area of more than 1740 mu (about 116 hectares). With a spacious, peaceful, picturesque campus, HBUE is very suitable for studying and academic research.

Currently HBUE consists of such 14 teaching units as School of Economics & Trade, School of Finance, School of Industry & Commerce, School of Accountancy, School of Information Management, School of Computer Science & Technology, School of Arts & Mass Media, School of Tourism & Hotel Management, School of Finance & Public Management, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Law, Department of Social Sciences, College of Management & Technology, and Department of Physical Education. Also there are 14 research organizations such as Hubei Research Center for Finance Development & Finance Safety, Hubei Hock Research Institute, Hubei Cuisine Research Institute, etc. 32 programs for bachelor degree are offered for undergraduates, and 31 programs for 3-year college students. In addition, not only College of International Exchange and College of Further Education have been set up, but also College of Law & Business, an affiliated college to HBUE, has been established. At present, HBUE has a full-time student body of over 15000.  

Welcome to study at Hubei University of Economics(湖北经济学院)