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Henan Polytechnic University (HPU), with a history of nearly 100 years, is the first mining university in Chinese history. Its former is Jiaozuo Coal Mining School which was established by the British Syndicate Co. Ltd., in 1909. It has changed its names several times in the course of development, namely, FuZhong Coal Mining University, Jiaozuo Private Institute of Technology, North-west Institute of Technology, Jiaozuo National Institute of Technology, Jiaozuo Mining Institute and Jiaozuo Institute of Technology. The University resumed its name of Henan Polytechnic University in 2004.
During a century’s period, HPU has formed its idea of running school “Educate People and Advocate Academic” and founded the spirit of “Learn Eagerly and Act Diligently”. The university has carried on its excellent traditional thoughts of “Work Hard and Achieve Pragmatic Results, Love China and Love HPU”. The deep cultural accumulation through 100 years and rich education experience laid a solid foundation for its rapid development.
The HPU has 2100 teaching staff and workers with 506 professors and associate- professors. 494 of the 1339 teachers have obtained their master degree and doctor degree. There are 6 academicians, 1 Yangzi River scholar, 8 specially-engaged professors 38 government special prize winners and other 80 well-known experts, excellent teachers and model workers.
The university has 18 schools and departments and possesses 12 disciplines for awarding doctoral degree and 48 for master’s degree, and 8 courses for engineering master degree. It has 57 undergraduate programs with a total number of 26,972 full-time postgraduates, graduates, undergraduates and 7,000 adult students. It recruits students from 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. From 2006, the university begins to enroll overseas students.
For the latest 5 years, HPU has obtained research funds with a total of 200 million yuan, including 60 million in 2005. It takes on 53 programs including No. 973 program, nation-level natural scientific funds program and scientific key program, 1200 provincial-level and other technical-service programs, etc. It first creates Gas Geology in the world and has made great achievements in Exploration and Utilization of Gas Resources and Prevention of Gas Disasters. It establishes the model of Chinese Land Trace Fossil Group and their Deposit Environment, laying a foundation in vestige research in the world. It completes the test system for the highest linear motor drive rope-less elevator.
Today, with the glory of 100 years history, all the teachers and students of HPU are dedicating their efforts to the goal of building HPU into a high-level university!

Welcome to study at Henan Polytechnic University(河南理工大学)