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Ⅰ.Chinese Language and Culture

Long-term Programs: Chinese Language and Culture (Elementary Level A, Elementary Level B, Elementary Level C, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level), and Elective Courses, including Chinese History, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Military Arts, Shadow Boxing, and Peking Opera Arts, to name a few.

Short-term Programs: In order to enhance the cultural communication between China and foreign countries, Hainan University carries out short-term programs of different kinds for the international students all the year round. Warmly welcome delegations or groups of colleges and universities, or institutions in any countries come to Hainan University to participate into the study in short-term programs. We will adjust the curriculum to meet the group’s specific needs and time requirements.

Classes on Testing Techniques in HSK are available for international students at any time. 


Ⅱ. Undergraduate Diploma, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree Programs

Academic Division of Tropical Agriculture and Life Science:

There’re four colleges in this division: College of Agriculture, College of Horticulture and Gardening, College of Environment and Plant Protection, and College of Ocean Sciences. 

College of Agriculture:

Include Department of Agriculture, Department of Biological Technology, Department of Agricultural Resources and Environment, and Department of Practaculture Science and Zoology. 

Majors for Undergraduate students:
CropGenetics and Breeding
Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology
Science and Technology of Rubber
Energy Botany
Soil Science
Plant Nutrition
Practaculture Science
Forestry Cultivation
Plant Molecular Genetics
Germplasm Resources
Agricultural Biological Technology
Developmental Biology
Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding
Wildlife Conservation and Utilization

Majors for Master applicants:
covers all the undergraduate majors in this college.

The college runs a mobile research station for the post-doctors in First Class Discipline---Crop Science, and owns authorization of doctoral degree in First Class Discipline---Crop Science. There’re seven authorizations of doctoral degree in Second Class Discipline---
Crop Genetics and Breeding
Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Plant Molecular Genetics
Germplasm Resources
Agricultural Biological Technology
Science and Technology of Rubber
Energy Botany

There’s a national key discipline---CropGenetics and Breeding, a key discipline of the Ministry of Agriculture---CropGenetics and Breeding, two provincial key disciplines---CropGenetics and Breeding, and Crop Cultivation and Farming System. In addition, it also has three university key disciplines---CropGenetics and Breeding, Crop Cultivation and Farming System, and Biological Technology, and two provincial key and elaborate courses---Tropical Crop Breeding, and Genetics.  

College of Horticulture and Gardening

Include Department of Horticulture, Department of Gardening, and Department of Facility Agriculture.

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Facility Agriculture,Sciences and Engineering

Majors for Master applicants:
Southern Medicine Science
Ornamental Plants and Horticulture

Doctoral Majors:
Botany and Southern Medicine Science.

Gardening was chosen by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as one of the special majors of national level in 2007.

College of Environment and Plant Protection: 

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Plant Protection
Quality and safety of Agricultural Products
Environmental Science

Majors for Master applicants:
Molecular Plant Pathology, Crop Pestology, Plant Protection,

Agriculture Entomology and Pest Control
Pesticide Science
Environmental Engineering
Forestry Protection

Doctoral Majors:
Molecular Plant Pathology and Crop Pestology.

Plant Protection was chosen as one of the special majors of national level, and Plant Protection Teaching and Demonstration Center was ranked among the Teaching and Demonstration Center of provincial level. Entomology is the elaborate course of provincial level. Plant Pathology, Agriculture Entomology and Pest Control, and Ecology are key disciplines of Hainan University.

College of Ocean Sciences:

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Ocean Science

Majors for Master applicants:
Ocean Science,Agricultural Popularization in the field of fishery

There’re Marine Organisms Teaching and Experiment Center, and Tropical Organisms Resources Lab of the Ministry of Education level, covering Lab of Marine Animals Breeding and Diseases Control, Lab of Germplasm Improvement of Marine Animals, and Lab of Marine Organisms Research. In addition, there’s a provincial key lab --- Lab of Tropical Hydrobiology.


Academic Division of Engineering:

This division consists of five colleges: College of Materials and Chemical Engineering, College of Food Science, and College of Civil Engineering, College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and College of Information Science and Technology.

College of Materials and Chemical Engineering

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Biological Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Applied Chemistry and Materials
Engineering of Polymers

Majors for Master applicants:
Applied Chemistry
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Biological Chemical Engineering
Materials Physics and Chemistry

This college runs Tropical Organisms Resources Engineering Center of the Ministry of Education level, provincial key Lab of Fine Chemistry, provincial Engineering Lab of Chemistry Technology, and the Ministry of Education key Lab of Tropical Organisms Resources---Lab of Biological Amylose. Professor Yang Zhenning, Nobel Prize winner for Physics, and Academician Bai Chunli, famous scientist of nano material, vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, are visiting professors of the college.  

College of Food Science

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Food Science and Engineering, Quality and Safety of Food. Among them, Food Science and Engineering is ranked among the state level elaborate courses. 

Majors for Master applicants:
Processing and Storage of Agriculture Products, Food Science, and

Processing and Safety of Food as a Agricultural Popularization Program.

This college possesses a provincial key discipline, Processing and Storage of Agriculture Products, of the Ministry of Agriculture level.

College of Civil Engineering

Majors for Undergraduate students:Civil Engineering, and Architecture.

Majors for Master applicants: Geotechnical Engineering

College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, and Department of Automobile Engineering

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Electrification Engineering and Automation
Agricultural Mechanization and its Automation
Mechanical Design and Manufacture and its Automation
Mechatronic Engineering
Vehicle Engineering

Majors for Master applicants:
Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, and Agricultural

Mechanization and Agricultural Popularization.

The college runs three comprehensive labs of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Automobile Engineering, a Training Center of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, and more than 30 labs, such as Lab of Digital Control, Lab of Virtual Apparatus and Embedded System, Lab of Electrical Engineering, and Lab of Automobile Integrated Testing and Inspection, among which two are provincial and University demonstration center, and three are  jointly supported by the provincial government and the ministries. 

College of Information Science and Technology

It includes Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Communication Engineering, Public Computer Center of Experiment and Teaching, and Public Mathematics Teaching Center.

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Electronic Information Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Communication Engineering
Information and Computer Sciences
Applied Mathematics

Majors for Master applicants:
Communication and Information Systems
Computer Applied Technology
Signal and Information Processing
Applied Mathematics

Communication and Information Systems is ranked as provincial key discipline.


Academic Division of Humanities:

There’re five colleges (section) in this division: College of Humanities and Communication, College of Foreign Studies, College of Arts, College of International Cultural Exchange, and Section of Physical Education.

College of Humanities and Communication

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Chinese Language and Literature
Advertising (Internet Communication)
Movie and Television Literature (Writer and Director)
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Majors for Master applicants:
Theory of Literature and Art, and Comparative Literature and World Literature

Ancient Chinese Literature is awarded as provincial elaborate course.

College of Foreign Studies:

Majors for Undergraduate students:
English Language
Japanese Language
Russian Language

Majors for Master applicants:
English Languages and Literatures

The college gets an elaborate course---Fundamental English and Advanced English, a key discipline of the university---English Languages and Literatures, and a good course of the university---Fundamental English and Advanced English.

College of Arts

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Vocal music
Fine Arts
Choreographer and Artistic Design

Majors for Master applicants:
Fine Arts

Artistic Design is the key discipline of the university, and Chorus as a curriculum is the provincial elaborate course.

Academic Division of Social Sciences:

There’re four colleges in this division: College of Law, College of Politics and Public Administration, College of Economics and Management and College of Tourism.

College of Law

Majors for Undergraduate students:Science of Law

Majors for Master applicants:
Science of Procedure Laws
Science of Labor Law and Science of Social Security Law
Science of Economic Law
Criminal Jurisprudence
 Legal History
International Law
Science of Environment Law

College of Politics and Public Administration

This college runs Teaching Center of MPA, Department of Administration Management, Department of Education in Ideology and Politics, and Department of Public Relations.

College of Economics and Management

Majors for Undergraduate students:
International Economics and Trade
Business Administration
Majors for Master applicants:
World Economy
Enterprises Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

College of Tourism

Majors for Undergraduate students:
Tourism Management
The Administration of Natural Environmental Resources and Urban-Rural Area Plan
Human Recourse Management
Majors for Master applicants:
Tourism Management
Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Enterprises Management
Computer Application Technology
5. Requirements for language:
(1).The candidate for undergraduate programs should be capable of studying his/her specialized courses in Chinese can apply for admission of undergraduate to Hainan University (HSK Band 4). If he/she is not capable of studying his/her specialized courses in Chinese, he/she ought to study Chinese for a period of time and must obtain the certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Band 6), and then can resume his/her undergraduate studies.
(2). The candidate for graduate programs or doctor programs should be capable of studying his/her specialized courses in Chinese can apply for admission of undergraduate to Hainan University (HSK Band 4 and HSK Band 6 at graduation); or he/she has obtained the certificate of English Test (IELTS 6.5), (TOEFL iBT 75) (applicants from non-English speaking countries)
1. Tuition fee
Tuition fee(yuan)
Short-term students
One week
620 yuan
Long-term students
Chinese Language students
One semester
6,600 yuan
One academic year
13,200 yuan
One academic year
14,850 yuan
One academic year
16,500 yuan
One academic year
18,150 yuan
2. Application fee: 400 yuan
3. Textbook fee: It depends on what you would buy.
4. Accommodation fee in the foreign students building:
On-campus Lodging
Accommodation fee
Room Facilities
Single room
1.private bathroom 2.air-conditioner 3.telephone  4.wardrobe  5.ADSL  6.desk and chair
5. water and electronic fee:Students don抰 need to pay for the public, while they should pay for this item of their own room.
6. dinner fee:the average daily living expense of one student is around 15-20yuan RMB, which should be charged by themselves.
1. Hainan University specially provides the preferential tuition fees for the offspring of overseas Hainanese.
A. Undergraduate or Graduate students pay the same tuition fee as Chinese students do.
B. Language students only pay 50% of the tuition fee approved by the Chinese government
2. Students should pay all the fees in cash at registration.
1. Semester arrangements:
Hainan University has two semesters in each academic year and two vacations.
(1), Fall semester: Sep.1st – Jan. 15th (winter vacation starts from late January to the end of February)
(2), Spring semester: March 1st –July. 15th (summer vacation from mid-July to the end of August)
2. Application deadline:
Language Students:
Prior to June 30th for Autumn Semester;
Prior to December 31st for Spring Semester;
Short-term programs are offered all the year round without application deadline.
Students with degree:

Welcome to study at Hainan University(海南大学)