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Accommodation & Transportation
For international students, the university is able to provide comfortable and safe accommodation service for them. All the international students may be accommodated at the International Students’ Dormitory. Each room or flat of the International Students’ Dormitory is furnished with a TV set, a telephone, a bathroom (shower or bath), an air-conditioner, and the access to the Internet. There are also public kitchens, laundries, reading rooms, a gym and a recreation room for activities and parties. On the campus there are banks where the traveler’s checks can be cashed and credit cards such as VISA, MASTER, JCB can be used. The post-office in the shopping center on campus can handle international postal service.
The room fee is between RMB 500-1000 per month.
How to get to ECUST
From Airports to the University
The students can take line 608 to Changbei station and then take line 209 to the university.
From Railway station to the university
The students can take line 231 or 10 straightly to the university.

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