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Accommodation & Transportation
Tuition and Fees (IN RMB)
1. Application Fee: 400 Yuan
2. Tuition fee per year:
Bachelor’s degree: 15200 Yuan
Master’s degree: 19200 Yuan
Doctoral degree: 24000 Yuan
Chinese Language student: 10400 Yuan
3. Insurance
The students who study at NEDU more than one semester may purchase medical insurance for hospitalization and accident injury. The premium is RMB 600 Yuan per year or 400 Yuan per half-year.
E. Housing
Hotel on campus:
•5$ per day per person---2 persons sharing one regular room
•3$ per day per person ---2 persons sharing one regular room
Apartments off campus:
•2.5$ per -----1 sitting room, two bed rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom.
 Note: The actual housing expenses may vary.
F. Food
Students can have meals at university cafeteria at their own expense.

Welcome to study at Northeast Dianli UNiversity(东北电力大学)