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Chongqing Technology and Business University
Located in Chongqing, China’s largest municipality, Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU) is a multi-disciplinary university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mainly in economics, management, arts and literature, engineering, law and science. CTBU confers bachelors and masters’ degrees.
 The university covers a total area of 331 acres. The main campus of CTBU is located on Xuefu Avenue in Nan’an District of Chongqing proper, close to the Yangtze River at the foot of Nanshan Mountain.The Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone is also close by. The beautifully landscaped campus benefits from convenient transport and telecommunications facilities. CTBU has another sub-campus, which is located in Jiangbei District.
 CTBU has a strong faculty, with over 1,966 professors, teachers and support staff. There are 1,413 full-time teachers, of whom 617 are associate and full professors, 24 are recipients of the Special State Council Allowance and 10 are recipients of provincial-level (or ministerial-level) awards for making outstanding contributions. More than 25,000 students are currently studying at CTBU.
 The university consists of 16 schools that offer 9 master’s degrees in regional economics, business management, environmental engineering, accounting, statistics, industrial economics, ideological and political education, and media, as well as 54 bachelor’s degrees in 8 economic majors, 15 management majors, 10 arts and literature majors, 2 law majors, 12 engineering majors, 5 science majors and 1 physical education major. In addition, the university has one school of applied technology and one school of adult education, two Sino-foreign joint ventures including the International Business School and Modern International Design and Arts Academy. The other two financially-independent schools are Pass School and Rongzhi School. Currently three provincial-level (municipal-level) key branches of learning and 15 provincial-level (municipal-level) key courses are offered at CTBU.
Degree Programs 
Chongqing Technology and Business University now offers 51 undergraduate and 9 graduate programs across a breadth of disciplines, conferring bachelor’s and master’s degrees in many disciplines, which include economics, management, arts, natural sciences, engineering, law and social sciences. 
Bachelor’s Degree Programs (4 years) 
School of Economics and Trade
Trade Economics
International Economy and Trade
Exhibition Economy and Management
School of Finance
Banking, Public Finance, Insurance
School of  Management
Business Administration
HR Management
Information Management and Information Systems
Public Affairs Administration
Engineering Management
School of Business Planning
Logistics Management
E-Business,Business Planning Management
School of Accounting
Accounting, Financial Management
School of Tourism Management
 Tourism Management
Management of Resource
Environmental and Town Planning
School of Literature and Journalism
 Radio & TV Journalism
Chinese Language and Literature
School of Art and Design
Artistic Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Animation
School of Law
School of Mechanical and Packaging Engineering
Mechanical Design
Manufacturing and its Automation
Packaging Engineering
School of Environmental and Bio-tech Engineering
Chemical Engineering and Techniques
Environmental Engineering
Foodstuff Science and Engineering,Applied Chemistry
Bio-tech Engineering
School of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Electronic Information Engineering
Testing Technology and Apparatus
Applied Physics
School of Mathematics &Statistics
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computer Science
School of Foreign Languages and Literature
English, French
School of Political Sciences and Social Development
Social Work, Labour and Social Security
School of Physical Education
Physical Education
Master’s Degree Programs  
Institute of Regional Economy Research
Regional Economics
School of Management
Enterprise Management
School of Environmental and Biological Engineering
Environmental Engineering
School of Accounting
Accounting, Enterprise Management
School of Mathematics &Statistics
School of Economy and Trade
Industrial Economics
School of Politics and Social Development
Ideological and Political Education
School of Literature and Journalism
Media Studies, Ancient Chinese Literature
School of Business Planning
Enterprise Management
Chinese Language and Culture Programs
In line with Chinese common practice, CTBU follows the two-semester system yearly. The first semester of the academic year commences in mid-September and ends in January. The second semester begins in early March and ends in June. Each semester consists of 16 weeks. Each week students have about 16 hours of Chinese language courses, and 4 hours of Chinese culture classes. Local visits to places of interest are arranged once or twice each semester. Optional courses include: HSK Test Training, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Music, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Martial Arts, Local Customs and Culture of Chongqing.  
Short-term Study
Chongqing Technology and Business University offers three categories of Intensive Training Programs for Chinese Language and Culture:two-week program, four-week program and three-month program. During the training program, local sightseeing trips will be arranged once or twice. 
Possible Short-term Program Courses:practical oral Chinese, listening and comprehension, Chinese reading, Chinese writing, introduction to Chinese culture, Chinese history, local culture, Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu), appreciation of Chinese opera, Chinese Legal System, Chinese education system, Chinese financial system, etc. 
Possible Social Activities and Visits:welcome party, campus tour, city tour, visit to local families, Laojun Cave, climbing Nan Shan Mountain, Ciqi Kou ( an ancient town), Dazu Stone Carvings, Diaoyu City, Bayu Culture Village, Sichuan opera, Chinese martial arts practice, Chinese songs, Chinese dumplings cooking lessons, table tennis competition, basketball competition, etc.   
CTBU Scholarships will be given to students who are taking undergraduate or graduate programs. The scholarships fall into three types:Scholarship A, Scholarship B and Scholarship C, which equate to full tuition, half tuition and one-third of the tuition fees, respectively. Chongqing’s Municipal Government also provides a Mayor’s Scholarship to potential international students. Students can apply for the scholarships while applying to the degree programs. 
Requirements for Prospective Students and Application Procedures 
· For graduate programs, the candidate must be in possession of a Bachelor’s degree and a level-6 certificate in HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), and be from 18 to 45 years old. The applicant must also be physically sound.
· For undergraduate programs, the candidate must be in possession of a senior high school diploma and a level-6 certificate in HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), and be from 18 to 45 years old. The applicant must also be physically sound.
· The Chinese language-enhancement program is open to anyone from 18 to 60 years old who is interested in Chinese. The applicant must also be physically sound.  
How to Apply
a. Obtain university application information.
b. Submit the application form and a non-refundable application fee.
c. Be reviewed on an individual basis by university authorities.
d. Accept the Notice of Admission and Visa Application Form for Study in China JW202 (necessary for student visa) issued by the university authorities upon admission.
e. Go to the local China embassy or consulate for a visa.
f. Register in the International Office of the university.
g. Submit tuition fees and other fees required by the university authorities.
h. Submit passport and Physical Examination Check-up Record for Foreigners to the university.
i. Settle accommodation and housing issues.
j. Take pertinent exams. /Begin student life.
k. Apply for a temporary residence permit.
o The application materials and the supporting documentation may be submitted in either Chinese or English.
o The university has both a Spring semester and an Autumn semester. Applicants should submit materials from September to December for the following Spring semester and submit materials from February to May for the following Autumn semester.
Fees (subject to change) 
Non-degree programs
Chinese language programs
¥7000 per semester per person
¥13000 per year per person
Undergraduate programs
Graduate programs
¥17000 per year per person
¥20000 per year per person
Application Fee ¥400 
Students can choose to live off or on campus. Application for apartments on campus should accompany the program application.
Each international students’ apartment has a kitchen, a toilet, a living room and two separate bedrooms, which provides accommodation for two students. The apartment is well equipped with water heater, bath lights, air-conditioner, telephone, microwave oven, refrigerator, induction cooker, etc. With the students’ canteen situated nearby, these apartments are the best choice for international students’ accommodation. The cost for each room is RMB 800yuan per month. Currently we provide a 25% discount to the students

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