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Accommodation & Transportation
Fees  (subject to change) 
Non-degree programs
Chinese language programs
¥7000 per semester per person
¥13000 per year per person
Undergraduate programs
Graduate programs
¥17000 per year per person
¥20000 per year per person
Application Fee ¥400 
Students can choose to live off or on campus. Application for apartments on campus should accompany the program application.
Each international students’ apartment has a kitchen, a toilet, a living room and two separate bedrooms, which provides accommodation for two students. The apartment is well equipped with water heater, bath lights, air-conditioner, telephone, microwave oven, refrigerator, induction cooker, etc. With the students’ canteen situated nearby, these apartments are the best choice for international students’ accommodation. The cost for each room is RMB 800yuan per month. Currently we provide a 25% discount to the students

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