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Application process

Submit following materials to College of International Cultural Exchange

  1. A complete form of application form of SHOU

  2. A photocopy of valid passport

  3. High school or college certificate and academic record (Chinese-training class are exempt from it)

  4. Official certificates of Chinese learning

  5. The physical examination record table of Shanghai Ocean University

  6. Application fee


Admission process

The College of International Cultural Exchange will issue to the qualified applicants Form-JW202 and Notice of Admission in two weeks after all the application materials are obtained and reviewed.

Visa application

The admitted students should apply for visa in the Chinese consulate with Form-JW 202 and Admission Notice.



Students should register in the College with the following materials

  1. Original passport

  2. Ten bareheaded full-face photos (3cm x 4cm)

  3. Original copy of health record (those who stay in china for less than six months are exempt from it)

  4. Tuition and fees

  5. Verifying fees

  6. Specific training

Welcome to study at Shanghai Ocean University(上海海洋大学)