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Welcome to Shanghai Ocean University(上海海洋大学)

College of International Cultural Exchange is a special institute for Sino-foreign cultural exchange and cultivating foreign students.

Taking advantage of an integrated system of disciplines and distinctive features of the University, the College gives priority to such disciplines as aquaculture, marine sciences, food, fishery economics and fishery management, etc., and has established a complete educational system, which covers graduates, postgraduates, doctors , and post doctors. The College adopts flexible teaching modes that students study in other special colleges of the University, or are arranged in different special classes, to meet the needs of foreign students of different levels who want to receive formal education for diplomas, non-formal education and training in Chinese etc.

The University has established a good relationship in academic exchange and cooperation with more than 40colleges,universities and research institutes in the U.S, Japan , Australia, Russia, Korea, and Vietnam, etc., and was awarded" Friendship Medal" by Vietnamese President Chen Deliang in 2002..View more

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Welcome to study at Shanghai Ocean University(上海海洋大学)