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Ballet Highlights Meet Bosom Friends in SJTU


On June, 8 th , Ballet Highlights was performed successfully in SJTU Minhang campus. There was applause from time to time in JingJing Hall. About 2,000 audiences and the ballet dancers of Shanghai Ballet shared a nice evening together.

Ma Dexiu, Party Secretary of SJTU, enjoyed the performance together with the students and the teachers and expressed her willingness to enjoy the art of ballet with students and learn their feelings and reactions towards arts.

In the recent 2 years, our university has developed a series of activities called “High Art into Campus”, with three main themes, that is, “national spirits”, “traditional arts” and “elegant works”. Under these themes, the university has organized and introduced more than 10 excellent works of art, such as Yue Opera “Dream of The Red Mansion” and “The Appreciation and Analysis of Tandun's Excellent Works”, as well as Kun Opera “Hall of Eternal Life”, “Wind of Yunnan”, etc.

All these were deeply welcomed by the students and teachers in SJTU. This show of Ballet Highlights added brightness to the cultural life of our university.

After the performance, Secretary Ma conveyed her kind greetings to the actors and actresses, congratulated them for the successful performance, and thanked them for bringing such wonderful programs to our students and teachers.

She said that we needed various valuable arts to promote the overall development of young people and she believed that activities like Ballet Highlights would help to promote the talent cultivation as well as the construction of university culture and spiritual civilization in SJTU.

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